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5534Re: Digest 841/Do we need a new Diocese?

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  • Thomas P
    May 29, 2003
      --- In IndianOrthodox@yahoogroups.com, "George Mathew" wrote:
      > Do We need a new Diocese?
      >We are part of a high sounding
      > Diocese called Canada, UK and Europe. But basically there are two
      > and five smaller congregations in Canada. God knows how many are
      there in UK
      > or Europe .When this Diocese was created with the stroke of a pen from
      > Kottayam,no one thought about its viabilty.How in the world a
      > can function with three churches.
      > Thanks and regards
      > George Mathew Panicker

      Dear George, Apostle Thomas started with just seven and a half (say 8)
      churches in India. He also ordained more than one bishop for these
      Churches (canonical evidence in Coptic Synaxis, our own local heritage
      as well as the tradition of the East Syrian Church).

      Given this historic truth, why a bishop need more than four churches
      to begin with?

      Let us count people and the growth of church in a specific region, not
      the number of parishes. There are about 1000 families in Southern
      states and 20-25 parishes. Presence of a bishop will make a difference
      for them.

      Having a bishop will only help the growth, history teaches us this.
      Otherwise why Apostle Thomas ordained a bishop for few parishes. H.G.
      Paulos Mar Gregorios was the first bishop of North India with very few
      parishes. Now see, we have churches in all major cities of North
      India, even up to the borders of Pakistan. H.G. Mar Makarios is a
      highly talented bishop. But people are not cooperating with bishops.
      In many dioceses, they form politics not allowing bishops to function.
      Even at parish level people want the priest to be under their control.
      This is like in Hindu temples where pujari is a Brahmin under the
      control of temple "kaikkaran" who keeps the temple keys.

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