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36223Re: In Response To Mr. Ronnie Daniel

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  • ronniedaniel1953
    Apr 12, 2014
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      Dear Brother Mr. Eapen,


      I did not  quit because I am upset or angry.  It is the opposite.  I did not want to upset you in this  Holiest Holy week of our   Christian  year.  There is  no way our two thought processes   are going  to match on this particular subject.  You have some firm  beliefs based on  your Biblical world view  and at the same time I do have my  own beliefs as well.  First of all it is not necessary that we need to agree on everything we talk about.   A respectful way of  disagreement  is to quit the conversation .  You can call it face saving or whatever and I am not that concerned about it.

      Therefore, I find nothing wrong with  you arguing that  all sicknesses are the  result of sin and I  opposing it.  At the same time  my overall belief is that  sickness and death are the result of the fallen nature of man and we have no escape from it. So, in a way  sin caused  sickness;  but at the same time I am not prepared to condemn  all sick people as sinners.   Also, I do not  agree with  the argument that we can stay away from sin if we are fearful about sickness.  That is one way giving control of our life to  our flesh rather than surrendering  to  the mercy  and  grace of God.

      This is the simple message I wanted to  covey to you my dear brother and  I do not know  why the  devil wanted to confuse our  language so that we pick up each others negative side of the message...I am at fault too that my eyes  catches  only the points in your message  which I have an opportunity to  disagree... The language too plays the devil  as this language is not the mother tongue for both of us....


      Ronnie Daniel


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