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35540Re: Inter-community/Inter-religion Marriage of our Boys and Girls

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  • george_cthomas
    Nov 20 9:51 AM
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      The non-Orthodox ladies in our community never get an opportunity to learn about the Holy Orthodox faith. Many compel their husband to join a cult, which they claim give importance to Bible study and leave true faith.

      Our Church leadership unlike the Roman Church has never conducted a survey about apostasy in our community.


      George C. Thomas, Kuwait 

      ---In IndianOrthodox@yahoogroups.com, wrote:

      This is an issue faced by many. No point in the Church closing its eyes and feigning ignorance. The Church has no policy on this issue. Roman catholic church has an Order of Service (OOS) for Blessing such weddings. This certainly is desired by many parents and the children and helps retain a positive approach to the Church by the people involved. Many of our priests do not even go and pray at the house when the girl goes to a wedding to be solemnized in another denomination church.


      I feel that the approach has to change.  Salvation is not our sole prerogative.  It is equally a possibility with other Christian denominations and all human race, irrespective of religion. An OOS for Blessing of such marriages has to be formalized.


      I request that priests/ bishops who are positive to the idea or laity who can pursue the issue with the powers that be, should take up this cause.


      A draft OOS is attached for reading by those interested in pursuing the idea.


      K Kurian Koshy, Ernakulam

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