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35406RE: Should we entertain any mediation now / fall into a trap ?

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  • drvinuthomas
    Oct 23, 2013

      I agree with Mr.George Easaw's point of view on mediation especially when they have gone on Appeal and Revision writ.

      The Patriarch faction has never shown any sincerity in mediation talks held thus far.They have used it as a ploy to fool the public or used it to buy time to conceive further wicked moves.The Patriarch side has always behaved in an un-godly and unethical  way never conceding to any decent and reasonable settlement thus far.The Patriarch side favouring community in general has lost their trust in their leadership which is reflected in the poor turn up at the so called 'Prarthana Yagnam' .They are forced by the radicals in  respective parishes  on Sundays ,during the services, to go to Kolencherry.Their leaders who have absolutely no fear of God know very well that the verdict on Kolencherry Church is just the beginning of more fair judgements to come.

      As HG Dr Thomas Mar Athanasius said in the Asianet TV,once the TRUTH is is brought out bare by the Courts the believers will know who is right and where fairness and just lies and they will stand by the TRUTH..

      There is a God above who watches the wicked ploys of ungodly leaders and evil can never triumph but justice and through it God's Glory will prevail.Let us not be lacking in our sustained sincere prayers for our Church-Lord's own bride.

      Dr.Vinu Thomas,



      ---In IndianOrthodox@yahoogroups.com, <indianorthodox@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      It is really strange how the patriarchate faction is behaving after losing the case for custody of kolencherry church. A cheap ploy as we all know.

      If they had won the case would they have entertained any compromise like mediation etc ? Mediation works till before the court verdict. Should the pat faction behave like cry babies all the time ? Dr. Babu Paul was a respected civil servant fully aware of the law and why are they not taking him into confidence ?

      Now with the SC getting ready to give final judgements reg other churches like kothamangalam etc it is going to be a bothersome journey for the church authorities..

      George Easaw

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