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35399RE: Marthoma chuch head expresses solidarity with Puthenkurishu

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  • a.varghese10
    Oct 21, 2013
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      I fully agree with Mr. George Thomas's assessment that "time has come for we Orthodox to leave the Ecumenical Club".  In this context, it may be useful to review what we have achieved from investing time and money in the Ecumenical movement including the WCC.  I would argue that time and money we have spent/spending is not worth it and net benefit has been negative.  Instead why don't we give leadership to the Oriental orthodox churches, with whom we have communion, to unite together .  Our church should consider hosting a joint meeting of the Oriental orthodox churches in India and then a combined Holy Synod.  Note that the last joint meeting was in Ethiopia under the leadership of Emperor Haile Salasee.  Such a joint meeting could pave the way for unity and mediation by the Holy Fathers who share same faith rather than mediation by the Marthoma and/or Catholic groups.



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