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35387Prayer as a Means of Educating Children

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  • george_cthomas
    Oct 20, 2013
      by John Sanidopoulos

      These are characteristics of a mature spiritual parent who is not self-centered, compulsive, or overprotective. They understand that their children are not their property, they do not belong to us; we did not create them on our own, but we were co-creators with God. We help to give the body, but He gives the soul. They do not put themselves first, make false promises, smother and control, and constantly make negative comments and criticize. Finally, a mature spiritual parent does not only speak to the children about God, but they especially speak to God about their children. Prayer for them is a comfort, not a burden. They understand that the brunt of the struggle must be given over to prayer, and not limited by words.


      George C. Thomas, Kuwait
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