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35382Prayer as a Means of Educating Children

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  • george_cthomas
    Oct 18, 2013
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      Today we tend to egotistically hold resentments and bear grudges, we are overly focused on our own stress which we pile on ourselves with a lack of simplicity and right perspective in our lives, and we love to talk about ourselves and our opinions and refuse to change and admit our wrongs.

      A person of prayer does not anger easily, but is meek and peaceful. They know how to suffer and they know true joy, because all suffering refines the soul and gives us the opportunity to glorify God when we are least expected to do so. If a parent comes home grumpy, sad, or stressed out of control, then this virus will spread through the home like a contagious disease. A person of God has faith, trusting in God and not their own thoughts and abilities. A person of faith does not fall into despair and hopelessness, which is a fruit of pride, but out of humility will acknowledge their failure and turn to God for help. As Elder Paisios would say: “When we assign everything to Him, God is obligated to help us.”


      George C. Thomas, Kuwait

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