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23289Re: The Orthodox Study Bible - the EO-OO rift

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  • Mathew Samuel, Albany, NY
    May 3, 2009
      As long as we do not have communion with the Eastern Orthodox (Byzantine), (hope
      that happens soon) any initiative to use this initiative of the Orthodox Study
      Bible by our church at an official level may not be possible.

      If I am not mistaken, in one of the pages the study bible labels us as
      "heretics" (which is logical considering the rift). (I have the New Testament +
      Psalms gifted to me by a beloved achen)

      But the Orthodox Study Bible is a very good initiative and is becoming popular.
      The explanations and interpretations given are very good for serious study. Hope
      we can remove hurdles to be able to use this work in a big way(especially
      considering that we are unable to have one Bible of our own since long)

      Christ is Risen!
      Mathew Samuel
      Albany, NY

      --- In IndianOrthodox@yahoogroups.com, Susan Eapen, Bangalore
      <indianorthodox@...> wrote:
      > Respected Father,
      > Is the Orthodox Study Bible available in India? Is there any move by our
      Church to order in bulk and sell though our outlets so that we too can have
      access to it?
      > Susan Eapen

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