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127Re: Revision of Liturgy/update

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  • abe.george@onebox.com
    Jan 3, 2001
      Well stated Achen. Thank you.

      -- Abe George, Washington
      --- In IndianOrthodox@egroups.com, "jp" <joyp@m...> wrote:
      > thank you. what we have is a system of yes-man worship. When it
      comes to
      > discipline, you re right, we go "who said/did" rather than what is
      said or
      > done.
      > Regarding ranslation, an example is seen in the recent edition of
      > Qurbanakramam, with the names of St. Thomas and Margregorios. These
      > were printed prior to the encyclical dated October, 2000.
      > The current qurbanakrmama states it is another edition of the 1959
      > (1) it is not true, it is revised edition. (2) the new one did not
      come out
      > with an introdcutory kalpana by His Holiness approving such chnages
      > expalining teh changes.
      > (3) I bleieve the whole books (prayer books, good friday prayers,
      > need revision- The church shall focus on that and spend money for
      > A liturgical committee is past over
      overdue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE
      > UP.
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