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122Re: [IndianOrthodox] Revision of Liturgy/update

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  • deaconaju@juno.com
    Jan 1, 2001
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      Dear Friends,

      Let me speak quickly on behalf of thirumeni on the issue of the
      translations and why it has not been publicized on a wide scale. It is
      true that Thirumeni (and while he was here some of us aided him) has
      completely translated the Matrimony and Baptism services, and is
      currently working on the Funeral services. HE has also translated some of
      the Hoyl Week Kaumas, and Good Friday songs. However, instead of having
      avrious unofficial copies out in different places, he wants to wait until
      the final approval from teh synod before distributing the final copies
      out. What happens with our people, is that they receive one copy of
      anything (English Qurbana, prayers, etc.) and when the next revised one
      comes, the won;t adjust to it, and what ends up happening is that there
      are various versions of teh same original. So we want to prevent that.
      Hoepfully we will have it out soon. With prayers, Aju Mathews Semassan

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