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Spitting on Native Warriors?

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  • Rob
    Indian Comics Irregular #66 As America mourns its fallen comrades, I ve been posting material on the subject almost daily. The terrorist attacks may be the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2001
      Indian Comics Irregular #66

      As America mourns its fallen comrades, I've been posting material on
      the subject almost daily. The terrorist attacks may be the biggest
      event in multicultural history since the civil rights movement and
      the Vietnam War. They're precisely why PEACE PARTY and Blue Corn
      Comics exist.

      When I first conceived my comics, I described their theme as "whether
      a Native philosophy of peace and harmony is valid in this age of just
      wars and trickle-down economics." That still sums it up. The
      question is whether we'll continue our myopic, self-interested ways
      or learn to understand our allies and enemies.

      Perhaps dismayed that I didn't call for slaughtering the terrorists
      as they slaughtered us, one Native supporter wrote:

      Take me off your mailing list, Rob. I don't associate with people
      that would kick our country when we're down and spit on the memory
      of all the people, Native American included, who died to make and
      keep it free.

      Okay, I replied, if you insist. But my views haven't changed one
      iota since I wrote about "the depths of our cultural myopia" in PEACE
      PARTY #1. It's called **PEACE** PARTY, not WAR PARTY, and I meant
      every word of it. Peace is a lifelong commitment, not an idle whim,
      and I'm as committed to it as you are to war.

      We're not facing Hitler, Tojo, and others bent on world conquest.
      We're facing a small group of terrorists who attacked us to send a
      message. You can shoot first and ask questions later, just like the
      soldiers who killed your ancestors. I prefer to ask questions first
      and shoot later--if at all.

      Once again, the multicultural perspective means acknowledging ALL
      people at ALL times, not merely when it's calm or convenient. I'm
      sorry if I didn't make that crystal clear before. And if I lose your
      support, I'm sorry about that, too.

      "War is a contagion," said Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Whether it's
      the Israelis and Palestinians or the Hatfields and McCoys, history
      has proved the point many times. Who better to break the cycle of
      violence than Native Americans, who have been both victors and
      victims in their long history?

      Spit Happens

      I asked my Native colleagues if I had inadvertently spit on them or
      their ancestors with my criticism of America's, er, warmongering.
      Some replies:

      · "Native American Indians feel the pain and agony of such death,
      for...we understand all too well the death of a free and innocent
      people. If someone has become offended or insulted...then it is [he]
      that does not fully understand the pages of American history."

      · "Don't worry about it. Some people are going to be more
      sensitive than others about this issue."

      · "I don't think [your] opinions spit in people's faces. The
      terrorists are convinced of their righteousness and do such great
      evil precisely because they never stop to think about their actions
      [or] listen to criticism from people who disagree with them."

      · "Nope. Warmongering is warmongering."

      There you have it. For more on the Native viewpoint, go to

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      Rob Schmidt
      Blue Corn Comics
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