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"I Wouldn't Want to Marry One"

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  • Rob
    Indian Comics Irregular #60 For those who think racial prejudice isn t deeply ingrained in our society, here s a sobering news item. From the LA Times,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 21, 2001
      Indian Comics Irregular #60

      For those who think racial prejudice isn't deeply ingrained in our
      society, here's a sobering news item. From the LA Times, 4/25/01:

      After a U.S. spy plane collided with a Chinese fighter jet along
      the coast of southeast China earlier this month, a rash of talk
      show hosts and radio personalities called for the internment of
      people of Chinese ancestry. Some even urged a boycott of Chinese
      restaurants and made fun of Asian accents.

      As the article reports, a Chinese-American survey turned up some
      startling results:

      Asians Americans were second only to African Americans as
      undesirable marriage partners. A third of respondents said they
      disapproved of marrying blacks, compared to 24% for Asians, 21%
      for Latinos and 16% for Jews.

      As for housing, Americans preferred to be neighbors of Asians
      rather than blacks and Latinos. Seventeen percent of the
      respondents said they would be upset if an Asian moved into their
      neighborhood, compared to 21% for Latinos, 19% for blacks and 9%
      for Jews.

      The statistics on America's marriage preferences are especially
      revealing. It's relatively easy to tolerate "those people" when they
      live in another town or neighborhood. It's harder if you're
      intimately involved with them, sharing the same house and bed. If a
      third of Americans say they wouldn't marry certain people because of
      their skin color, then a third of Americans are racist.

      No need to tell minorities that white America still views blacks as
      criminals, Latinos as menial workers, Asians as geeks, Indians as
      savages, Jews as money-grubbers, and Arabs as terrorists. They live
      with these stereotypical attitudes every day. The question is when
      whites will realize the myopia of their beliefs--and change them.

      For more on the subject of racism, go to
      http://www.bluecorncomics.com/racerpt.htm. The evidence of
      stereotyping's harm is documented at

      The Source of Racism

      Where does this racism come from? It couldn't possibly come from
      media stereotypes, could it? Look at this month's Native American

      In the new TV show "Kristin," a Native man has sex on a construction
      beam 600 feet above the ground, then predicts his wife will "tom-tom"
      his butt.

      In the new novel "Code of the West," a Comanche character apologizes
      to the plant he's plucking, saying, "You no hurt, I no hurt--I no
      take all leaves."

      In the new comic book WEIRD WESTERN TALES #4, one story shows a
      modern-day Indian thwacking a modern-day cowboy, then telling his
      wife via cellphone that he's through letting a "squaw" push him
      around. In another story, "Cree" Indians (all wearing loincloths,
      one with a feather headdress) attack and burn a covered wagon. The
      "lead brave" rapes the white woman and scalps the white man. The
      woman apparently enjoys being raped and becomes "Redstick's woman."
      The man, still scalpless, becomes "Dogman"--"kept naked on a leash,
      in front of my squaw's teepee, fed scraps if I did the washin'."

      Gosh, I can't imagine why people think Indians were (are?) savages
      after that. As you can see in our online contest
      (http://www.bluecorncomics.com/stertype.htm), 5-10 stereotypes like
      these show up in public every month. Consider the cumulative effect
      of all those images.

      El Ojo Rides Again

      I've finally put the conclusion of the Latino Lone Ranger's story
      online. Death comes for El Ojo...but why? To find out, visit

      Rob Schmidt
      Blue Corn Comics
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