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14763Early NBPW and PGW near Rajgir, Bihar

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  • Carlos
    Oct 16 8:45 AM
      ASI archaeologist B.R. Mani, with a presentation at the "International Seminar on Mahabharata" held in New Delhi in April 2012, comments on the datings of two archaeological sites near Rajgir and Nalanda, which are Ghorakatora and Juafardih respectively.

      In my view, two are the main archaeological issues in his presentation: a) finding of some Painted Grey Ware sherds, nothing less than in Bihar; and b) earliest datings of Northern Black Polished Ware in Middle Ganga Valley.

      Dr. Mani says that Painted Grey Ware sherds were found both at Juafardih, in excavations from 2006 to 2007, and at Ghorakatora in 2007 to 2008 by ASI archaeologists S.C. Saran and P.K. Mishra.

      Dr. Mani also mentions that the rich deposit of 10.61 m in Juafardih belonging to NBPW period has four C14 datings, 857 BC, 1002 BC, 1562 BC and 1259 BC, comparable to NBPW dates in Ayodhya, Agiabir, Rajdhani, Gotihwa and Jhusi. Maybe the third date is not consistent, but the other three clearly show the onset of NBPW in Middle Ganga Plain around 1000 BC. We must remember that J.M. Kenoyer, Giovani Verardi and Rakesh Tewari also support an earlier beginning of this culture, instead of Erdosy's classical view from around 550 BC.

      Dr. Mani's presentation at:


      Best regards,

      Carlos Aramayo
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