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  • Melissa
    Feb 11, 2005
      Hi my name is Melissa-I am,will be 28 in AprilI am a SHAM,my
      husbands is Trevor, he will be 30 in May.We have 3 girls,Genevieve
      she will be 5 in march,Trinity 2 1/2 and Sabrina 9 mo. today. We
      live in Antioch, but my Trevor works in Danville.Does any one know
      of a house/condo/townhouse to rent?We will be celebrating our
      anniversary this Valentine's Day,well he has to work hat night,so I
      guess we will have to go out the next weekend,any good ideas? what
      are every one's plans for V-day?
      I grew up in the Bay area,but all my friends have moved.I am looing
      foward to meeting everyone!