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  • Kevin Plummer
    Nov 7, 2009
      We have a very talented game map designer on our project now who is doing a fine job of creating a game world that has a heavy Adrian influence.

      I thought it might be interesting to some of you to watch how the world comes into being. So I am going to post pictures of the development process as it happens step by step.

      Since Adria started out on the west coast, so has our game world. The first of 5 maps that make up the game will focus on the western chapters.

      One of the design elements is to maintain real world borders as they are within Adria so if chapter a is south of chapter b and to the east of chapter c, it will also be that way in game. This will allow for us to bring over real adria aliances or controversy (ie border wars) into the game world. Additionally, each chapter is to have roughly the same amount of land area. As I mentioned in previous postings, the amount of land mass will not be dependent on the chapter size. It's standing of being a Kingdom, Duchy, or whatever will be shown by the size of the town within the borders of the game.

      With this in mind the first step was to create a geopolitical map that shows a VERY general size and shape of the land mass with divisions of chapters noted on it so we can see those relationships in the Game world. This first step is pictured at the following location:


      I will continue to update the group as progress continues.

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