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180How chapter size (title) will be shown in game

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  • Kevin Plummer
    Sep 28, 2009
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      Ok, currently I am not real concerned about what rank each chapter has. The reason being is that each chapter will have about the same land mass within the game (approximately). Each chapter will be represented by one and only one city within the game. Cantons will be represented by a hall or manor house within the city (determined by the size of the canton). This is all due to the size restrictions of the game maps.

      Now due to these restrictions and also typical Adria politics that force chater rankings up and down with membership counts; I had to devise a plan to represent things without having to constantly redo the entire map over and over. So this is what I came up with...

      Each chapter is given a city. Each chapter has the same area devoted to the city as any other chapter even though the area may be unused. There will be a maxium number of buildings that can be built within this area.

      A shire will have a central hall, a farm, and a few town buildings, town borders will be defined by simple hedges or left open.

      A duchy will have a manor house, a hall, two farms, and a few more town buildings. Boundries are of wooden post walls.

      A archduchy will have a small keep, a hall, 3 farms, and a larger town. Boundries can be mixed stone and wooden post walls.

      A kingdom will have a castle, hall, 4 farms, and a even larger town. Boundries will be of fortified stone walls.

      As a chapter grows in size buildings and other structures will be added upto the maxium allowed in a kingdom. As each chapter falls in rank, some buildings will appear to be abandonded and in disrepair; and if membership falls more they will eventually fall into ruins.

      Sound good?
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