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177Re: [ImperialLands] Looks like we have a map maker.....

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  • Allistair Halliday
    Sep 26, 2009
      also Albion has 2 Canton's Aurrochsfyord (located in Arizona) & Desert Haven (located in Utah)

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      From: Kevin Plummer <sir.rhydderch@...>
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      Subject: [ImperialLands] Looks like we have a map maker.....


      Finally it looks like we have a person who can create the game map for us. I have seen a few of the maps this person has made for various rpg games and they are very well done....

      So anyhow we need to have a quick disscussion on what the game world should include.... This is the info I gave him so far:

      Well here is a list of the chapters within Adria; each area has to be represented without the "titles".... I gave you real locations as it would be nice if they shared the same neighbors as in real life due to alliances and such alreay in play in our organization. I would also like each region to have a town with the size based on title of the region ie a shire being a small town and getting larger up to kingdom as the largest. Except for the Imperial City of coarse which is the largest. As I said, each area needs to have water access to the sea and should be realatively equal in size. I would like a subterrainian city under the Imperial City that is accessable only from water (ie a water cave entrance large enough for ships to enter and a underground bay with docks etc, maybe a partially sunk ship at the entrance or in the bay (could even be someplace of use store etc). This would be the only somewhat more fantasy type thing in the game, but it appeals to our corsair players and being under the Imperial City would act as a neutral area for them as well.

      In regards to each town, the area devoted to each one should be equal in size regardless of the chapter's current size. As each chapter grows my deco people will put more buildings in to represent the growth. If a chapter decreases in size, they will replace buildings with abandoned structures and eventually ruins. I am gonna let you suggest how many buildings we place in each town for each size. Kingdoms should have a location for a castle and fortified (stone) walled town, arch duchies a small keep with walled town (mix of stone and timber), duchies just walls (timber) with a town hall perhaps, and shires just a small town hall or meeting place perhaps a few hedge walls to define some borders.

      Each town will require farms; shires get one and add one to each level going up (ie a kingdom has 4).

      There are more elements needed for each town, but I am sure you will probally need to focus on the terrain first so I will work on the rest later....

      •Albion, Kingdom: Nevada
      •Alhambra, Archduchy: Idaho, Washington, western Montana
      •Bisqaia, Shire: Tennesee
      •Brandenburg, Archduchy: California, Northern San Diego County
      •Brunico, Shire: Washington: Adams, Benton, Columbia, Franklin, Kittitas, Walla Walla, and Yakima
      •Burgandy, Shire: Eastern Pennsylvania
      •Cambridge, Shire: New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut
      •Carolingia, Archduchy: California (bay area counties)
      •Cashel, Duchy: Virginia (except for Loudoun County
      •Castilles, Kingdom: Florida, Southern tip
      •Chesapeake, Shire: Maryland
      •Connacht, Shire: Canada
      •Constantinople, Shire: Florida Northwest
      •Cyprus (formerly Isle de Morte), Duchy: Arizona
      •Esperance, Kingdom California, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside,and San Bernardino Counties
      •Galloway, Shire: North Carolina
      •Gloucester, Duchy: Oregon
      •Kincora, Duchy: Florida, Southern tip
      •Mid'ean, Shire: Vermont
      •New Exeter, Duchy: Missouri
      •Pembroke, Duchy: Florida, Broward County
      •Roanoke, Shire:Idaho, Montana and Whitman County Washington
      •Somerset, Duchy: Northern Indiana, Northern Ohio
      •Templemor, Shire: Virginia, Richmond
      •Terre Neuve, Kingdom: southern San Diego and Imperial Counties, California
      •Umbria, Kingdom: Arizona
      •Vingulf, Archduchy: Nevada, Las Vegas

      So now I want to have a quick discussion about the towns and what they should include for buildings. What are your thoughts?

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