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RE: [Imperial-Club] Bigger Motors in 81-83 Imperial

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  • Rob P
    Sorry I m late, but I have a 360 magnum in my 83 with an AFB and a 727 trans. It s pretty easy. One motor mount in different and I think you can even get
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      Sorry I'm late, but I have a 360 magnum in my '83 with an AFB and a 727 trans. It's pretty easy. One motor mount in different and I think you can even get around that by shimming it with washers. Engine balance is different, so I think you have to dump the weight on the converter. If you looking for a sleeper you'd probably want some more gear. I have 3.23s with ltd slip in the stock 8 1/4. Pretty easy deal. The Dakota runs the 8 1/4 so there are parts aplenty. I also have an '82 with EFI. I prefer the low 1st gear trans in the '82 and if I did it myself I'd go for a small block stroker (408s are pretty common now) and stick with a worked 904. My car is pretty quick, but it's heavy enough that it's no rocket ship.


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      Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 15:45:11 -0400
      Subject: [Imperial-Club] Bigger Motors in 81-83 Imperial

      My 81 Imp is original EFI and thankfully working fine right now. However I
      have been thinking about others may have done or could do if they ever
      pulled the motor from the car? I ask because if I ever ditched the EFI I
      would not simply drop in a 2bbl carb but create a sleeper of some kind.
      Since the car is based off historic Chrysler chassis it then seems to be
      that the options are really endless. A 360 4V with duals like an E58 setup
      from a 1980 Mirada (almost same car architecture) or something along those
      lines can be easily doable. Possibly 360 with Edlebrock 1406 carb and intake
      headers and dual exhaust. Not too much rumble but definately make a classy
      sleeper. Anyone ever done this or think it could be terribly difficult (not
      including the time to remove the EFI components)? It seems to be that
      without being overly complicated you could create a fairly hot sleeper
      luxury coupe.

      The genesis for this is that I recently saw a pic of a black Imperial with
      tan leather interior that had the standard factory 2bbl carb conversion but
      the owner had installed a very tasteful set of chrome rims on thin whitewall
      tires that made for a very attractive car. I would take it a step further
      and put some more go with the show.

      Craig M. S�man
      Cadillac Craft Center
      Midland, NC
      www.cadillaccraftcenter.com <http://www.cadillaccraftcenter.com/>

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