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OnOldCarPerspectives - run away, man!: When?

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  • ybshore@aol.com
    Fellow Imperial Enthusiast s, John picks up on the inexact science in regards to opines on purchasing and restoration . When I look at old MoPars -and in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2009
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      Fellow Imperial Enthusiast's,

      John picks up on the inexact science in regards to opines on
      purchasing and 'restoration'.

      When I look at old MoPars -and in particular Imperial's- I over view
      many things that would possibly deter others from seeing the car in the
      way I see it. When I buy, many things contribute to the decision and rarity
      is at the top of the list and why I am not on the Chubby/Fud/GeeM/Oldie,
      etc., lists ... this '59 seems optioned, bodies with minimal rust fixed,
      and the vendor's here provide period correct items and voila: sweet '59...

      The way K rings up proposed mechanical monetary possibilities, I see
      those items as part of the freshening up process I undertake with every used
      car I purchase [of course NOT the motor/tranny aspect unless I purchased
      in already in need] in addition to all fluids and the major tune up.
      These motor's respond quite well to a little love as overspray has NEVER killed
      a Big Block...

      I have purchased 'mint' cars and paid handsomely for them with the
      appropriate inspections for the alleged privilege that little has to be done
      to them, only to find that they are machines, wanting to run, but at the
      same time born to fail an obsolescent death [without due care] and found them
      to be at times as cost ineffective as the 'lessor' purchases. The same way
      I have purchased neglected or jimmy-fixed cars and with little work into
      them found them to be most reliable. A friend of mine's philosophy has
      always been to 'push the car hard, if you baby it, all it'll ever do is cry
      for money". And though I do not necessarily respect the idea, the guy gets
      150K miles out of every car he buy's, no matter the make ... and yes he's
      handy with the wrenches.

      Certainly there are things to consider when involved in the Old Car
      Game for it is about BUCKS, for that is how we keep them on the road, let
      alone dreaming/saving for the showroom fixes in the future...regardless, don't
      play if you can't pay...

      Finally, I see three '59 coupes listed on site [only 1700+ made] , and
      THIS offering, IMHO, would be tough to 'rebirth'....

      _1959 Chopped-Top Imperial Coupe_

      Trolling as Always,


      In a message dated 6/30/2009 9:26:13 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      jsadowski@... writes:

      First of all, I hate it when someone sprays paint all over like that. It
      looks as if they are trying to hide something. Other then a few things
      missing, window switch, rear view mirror, the car looks complete & at least
      decent, but at the current bidding price, I think I would want to see it first.
      I don't know what's with all that LeBaron trim. It looks awful. Going to
      that much trouble they should have changed tail lights & added the emblems
      on the 1/4 trim. And what's with those parking lights? Looks like they were
      replaced with Dagmars. If its as solid as it appears in the photos, it
      would be a nice one to restore, especially being a 2 door. There's not that
      many 59's left, so you've got to start somewhere.


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      From: Kenyon Wills
      To: _Imperial-Club@Imperial-CluImp_ (mailto:Imperial-Club@yahoogroups.com)

      Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2009 3:47 PM
      Subject: Re: [Imperial-Club] 1959 Opines - run away, man!

      All I can say is that I've looked at the cars that I've listed when
      they're active listings, and even when I'm using the commercial ebay account that
      I have, with giant, hi res photos that span the width of the whole page,
      the camera lies.

      I try hard to capture the essence of an Imperial I'm selling in the same
      way I'd look at it in person so that nobody calls me crooked, and the photos
      online almost always improve the car by at least 10%, more if I decided
      I'd like to omit things, which I try hard not to do, but which I presume
      happens pretty regularly online with distance sales. -human nature being what
      it is about selling used cars, and most people's ignorance of what they
      really ought to point out about their bucket of bolts.

      I would visit the car in person if you're that hot for it, or pass Pass
      PASS and lay in wait for something with less makeup all over it. Nobody that
      works on engines seriously will spray paint them to match the exterior of
      the car, even if they make their wife dress like a smurf after hours and
      behind closed doors.

      If you do get it and it's a steal, I'd be happy to hear about it.
      If you do get it, and it's a dog, I'd not be happy, but would still want
      to hear how the actual stacks up against the imagined.

      Ebay photos do not tell the whole truth. I told you so, since you asked.
      There's $4000+++ in chrome plating possible on a car like that. I'd want
      to know how icky the finish is, and chrome is merciless when it comes to
      hiding flaws from camera lenses, especially at more than 3 paces.

      Don't get me started about the:
      front end: ($1000)
      brakes: ($500++)
      driveshaft/carrier bearing ($800)
      Tires ($700)
      Transmission ($700-$1500)
      Engine ($4000+++)

      -None of which are assess-able over the computer line.

      We spent 6 days working on Mike's 1959 before he drove it home on the
      engine that was clean as a whistle, freshly painted, and "rebuilt", only to
      have it toss its cookies in Nebraska, much to the horror of both Mike (in the
      car at the time) and myself (safe at home 1500 miles behind Mike's rear


      I don't know what he's into it, but I am aware of at least $1600 in extras
      on top of the purchase price plus the grief that went with them on top of
      the purchase price.

      Did I mention that I got burned in 1999 & 2000 on TWO internet/distance
      cars and watched three others go sour in my car social-circle?

      Perhaps you've not yet washed up on those rocks?

      Good luck. I will never buy any car over $500 that I can't see for myself.

      Kenyon Wills

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      Subject: [Imperial-Club] 1959 Opines
      To: _Imperial-Club@Imperial-CluImp_ (mailto:Imperial-Club@yahoogroups.com)
      Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2009, 1:18 PM


      Thought the same thing as the 'blue tinting' effect doesn't do much
      for me either. However, what you need to know and what I need to know are
      two different things; so I'll bite: what does it tell you, Master?


      In a message dated 6/30/2009 3:47:38 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      imperialist1960@ yahoo.com writes:

      The shot of the engine compartment told me what I need to know about the

      Kenyon Wills

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