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Re: Field of Mopars Comes to Auction in Oregon A better link: http://murphyauction.com/Auction/Details/578 Fred Joslin ... On Wed, 4/23/14, ybshore@... wrote: Subject: [Imperial-Club]
Fred Joslin
12:38 PM
Re: Contact, please. Hello- I too have a 65 Imp and need help-would appreciate if you would forward any address, info to me. The metal hold down strips are in sad condition. Ted
8:14 PM
Field of Mopars Comes to Auction in Oregon _Field of Mopars Comes to Auction in Oregon_ (http://www.americancarcollector.com/news/item/705-field-of-mopars-comes-to-auction-in-oregon)
Apr 23
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Contact, please. I was in discussions with a supplier on this forum concerning 1965 Imperial convertible windshield top header screws and door seals/weatherstrips and I have
Apr 22
Re: Bleeding Budd Brakes Master Cylinder (1967) Fred, Thanks for the advice on the paint. I may just paint it so that I can avoid the rust. I'll probably just go with a plain color, mostly because I'm sure I
Apr 22
Re: Bleeding Budd Brakes Master Cylinder (1967) Hi Jonathan: This is a variant of bench bleeding the master cylinder. I have never bench bled a master cylinder and have never had a problem. Install the
Fred Joslin
Apr 22
Gary Goers Visit Hey all, I just got back from visiting Gary Goers in Kalispell, Montana. He can walk around, but it is difficult for him. I purchased $300. worth of rubber
Joe Machado
Apr 21
Bleeding Budd Brakes Master Cylinder (1967) I'm going to be installing a new MC on my '67 this weekend, and came across something odd in the service manual. On P 5-37, under "Bleeding the Master
Apr 21
C http://sprzedam-dom.biz/nrryyh/bncnugpxiqifaeehuzhszjhigjypej.ztkighoisfijehc
Apr 21
Re: Budd brakes and later/electricity problems While I'm not looking at a hydraulic schematic I'm pretty sure that when the N button is pressed the transmission pump is working. The park mechanism is just
Pete Engel
Apr 21
Re: Budd brakes and later/electricity problems Hi Henk: The Budd brakes are not really self adjusting like most disc brakes where the caliper slides. Also since there are four pistons in each caliper there
Fred Joslin
Apr 21
Re: Budd brakes and later/electricity problems I have often wondered about the push button automatic transmissions (as on my 64 Crown) where the button is in neutral but the park leaver is engaged. Is the
Fred Joslin
Apr 21
Re: Budd brakes and later/electricity problems "Torqueflite morning sickness" is cured by starting the car in neutral after the car isn't run for a day or more. Starting in neutral fills the converter with
Robert Hauser
Apr 21
Re: Budd brakes and later/electricity problems Got the same problem with a 2000 Cadillac DTS, and it is not pregnant. Slow start in reverse, but once warmed up it goes ok. Richard A. De Vito Sr
Richard A. DeVito Sr
Apr 21
Re: Budd brakes and later/electricity problems Good tips, Henk.  As for the slowness when the transmission goes into gear, someone once described that as "Torqueflite morning sickness."  If my car has
Tom Hubbard
Apr 21
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Chryslers at Carlisle 2014 I have 4 (four) spaces on a good corner available for this show if any one is interested please contact me off list Thank You Joey Jesser JESSER'S 26 WEST
Joe Jesser
Apr 21
Re: Budd brakes and later/electricity problems Good balanced information. After winter storage, we have several problems with these subjects. The '67 Budd brakes are very dangerous, the first time they are
Henk Uijttenhout
Apr 21
Re: Passenger Side Rear Taillights No, the brake lights do not work on that side either. I'll start there as I am heading out to investigate this now. Thanks Ken! From:
Bill T.
Apr 20
Re: Passenger Side Rear Taillights Bill, Seeing as there are three taillights on each side that rules out a burnt bulb. Do the brake lights work on the same side? If not, I'd start looking for
Ken Lang
Apr 20
Passenger Side Rear Taillights Hi Everyone, Happy Easter! I just pulled out my 1969 Imperial out of winter storage. The rear passenger side taillights do not work at all (driver side is
Bill T.
Apr 20
Re: 1959 Brakes / Budd brakes and later Hi Tom: Your Newport would have come with Budd disc brakes if it had been ordered with disc brakes. Those are the same brakes as on the 67-69 Imperials and
Fred Joslin
Apr 19
Imperial Club Show n Shine Hey Everyone, Make sure to check out the events section of the website for the 31st Annual Imperial Owners Meet in Santa Maria California.
Ken Lang
Apr 19
Re: 1959 Brakes Paul and Tom are right. Chrysler products, and Imperials in particular, actually had brakes that were superior to other cars in their day. You have to realize
Apr 19
Re: 1959 Brakes Even if I converted my '68 Newport to "modern" brakes I would still drive defensively (disc brakes were optional then, but they weren't as good as 21st-century
Tom Hubbard
Apr 18
Re: 1959 Brakes Not this time. I am sick of people thinking/claiming that our cars are unsafe with the original brakes. I will continue to drive my cars safely and enjoy them
Paul Wentink
Apr 18
Re: [Imperial-Club] 1959 Brakes I always advise to install a jet engine in such old cars! You will have more power then the old, tired Imperial engine (necessary content) can deliver, AND if
Apr 18
Re: 1974 Imperial for sale I sold Jamie the brown leather interior in that car. He sent me a glamour shot of it last year. I'd like to see the shot you have. Pete in PA From: C Bilter
Pete Engel
Apr 17
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Re: 1959 Brakes ......and away weeeeeee go From: SMITTY/CONTEMPORARY Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2014 3:03 PM To: Imperial-Club@yahoogroups.com Subject: Re: [Imperial-Club] 1959
Tom Scott
Apr 17
Re: 1974 Imperial for sale This car belongs to Jamie Hyde. He is a buddy of mine in the Chrysler 300 Club Intl. He is as honest as the day is long and he is an outstanding mechanic; so
C Bilter
Apr 17
Re: 1959 Brakes Put disc brakes on the front. Don't spent the money on those old brakes Have a Great Day Contemporary AutomotiveLtd. Beltsville Md. Your Compete Automotive
Apr 17
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