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Re: .... or Worse?

Thanks to everyone for the tips.  I should have mentioned, I have soaked the cylinders in Marvel Mystery Oil and/or lots of PB Blaster.  Have done that
GB Baker
4:51 PM

Re: Starter or Worse?

On an engine that has been sitting that long, anything could be stuck or seized. I had one this week that the AIR pump was seized and the engine refused to
Michel Aubé
3:40 PM

Re: Starter or Worse?

As we all know - the worst thing we can do to our old cars is let them sit year after year and not just because of the old fuel issues. The oil in the engines
Marc Miesch
3:22 PM

.... or Worse?

Garrett, You must have a bottomless stash of hopium ;~)) After 20+ years of sitting, there's more than a world of hurt that could be done to the engine with
12:47 PM

Re: Starter or Worse?

Sounds like the engine is stuck. Remove all of the spark plugs and squirt some Marvel Mystery oil into all of the cylinders. Let it sit a couple of days and
john sadowski
12:31 PM

Starter or Worse?

I'm trying to get my '60 to at least turn over.  Car has been sitting for a good 20+ years.  When I turn the key I get a wack or clunk sound (once) then a
GB Baker
11:59 AM

Re: 1960 Brake Shoe Size?

Hi,Thanks for the idea, didn't thing of that, I'll give it a try.   Garrett  From: "retromobilia retromobilia@... [Imperial-Club]"
GB Baker
11:52 AM

Re: 1960 Brake Shoe Size?

Thanks! From: "ybshore@... [Imperial-Club]" To: Imperial-Club@yahoogroups.com Sent: Friday, July 31, 2015 2:19 PM Subject:
GB Baker
11:50 AM

Re: 1959 Chrome Car

G'day Dave and everyone else reading this, Thanks for your kind comments. I guess in the end I think when we restore a car, in effect we are maintaining a link
Carl Kelsen Arlette Pat
1:12 AM

66 imperial

http://barnfinds.com/rare-cruiser-1966-chrysler-imperial-convertible/ just seen this Gary,NZ
12:53 AM

Re: 1959 Chrome Car

I can’t imagine them looking good on a Tucker. On that 59 below, I like the way they look. John From: mailto:Imperial-Club@yahoogroups.com Sent: Friday, July
john sadowski
10:19 PM

Re: 1959 Chrome Car

Well spoken Carl, my sentiments exactly. I always hear "It's your car so you can do whatever the heck you want with it" talk, but i cringe even more at that
David G
10:08 PM

Re: Carter AFB Accelerator Pump Plunger Source

Thanks, I tried that already. It has a bad pucker in it. It looks like it kind of folded back and stayed that way for a long time. From:
9:49 PM

Fuel Pump Replaced: Easy Job: Used "grease trick": done

After the overwhelming majority of posts suggested (actually insisted) that the pump be replaced, I did so. While I was dreading it, I just did it. Luckily,
norman silverman
Jul 31

Re: 1960 Brake Shoe Size?

There is a clutch repair shop here in Nashville that reshoed my 63 imperial, 61dodge, and my John Deere lawn tractor. Look for a local clutch shop. Sent from
Jul 31
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