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Re: 1960 Power Brake RESERVIOR-Do they ALL have them? HI Norm, I have the oval non-bellows booster too on my 1960 Imperial. And it has the vacuum tank/canister installed behind the left front fender. From there
Rob van der Es
2:36 AM
Re: [SPAM][Imperial-Club] 1960 Power Brake RESERVIOR-Do they ALL hav Norm, It’s on the drivers side ahead of the tire. You have to look from below to see it. John From: norman silverman Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 2:08 PM
john sadowski
4:31 PM
1960 Power Brake RESERVIOR-Do they ALL have them? Hello All. While perusing my FSM, I saw a picture of a vacuum canister that is attached via vacuum hose to the power brake booster. My car does not have this
norman silverman
2:08 PM
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Re: Spokane area engine rebuilder Hi Kenyon: At this time I am looking and dreaming. I know that I should do it myself and probably will. Thanks for the reminder. Fred Joslin ... On Tue,
Fred Joslin
12:47 PM
Re: 1955 quarter window relay problem Roger, Does the window operate properly using the master switch? Jack In a message dated 4/15/2014 10:40:45 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, rdc2382@...
9:49 AM
Re: Spokane area engine rebuilder I second this sentiment. Years ago, my '68 Dart GT started making a gawd-awful racket. I didn't know what was wrong, and didn't have the money to pay for a
9:48 AM
Re: 1960 Inconsistent Braking Tony. I have always believed that stating the obvious (and investigating it) is a logical element of diagnosis, so I'm with you there. The first thing I did
8:49 AM
Re: Spokane area engine rebuilder Fred, What are you budgeting for your engine rebuild? Have you considered doing it yourself? I ask because I have gotten my redo's down to about $1500, which
Kenyon Wills
8:20 AM
1955 quarter window relay problem I have problem with the power window relay for the rear window on my 55 Imp coupe. The motor is OK (it goes up and down by applying power to the motor itself),
Roger Casagrande
7:40 AM
Re: 67 Emergency Brake Thanks a lot for this important Information! Now 'the circle is closed'! :-) Von meinem iPad gesendet
Maikel Six
7:35 AM
Re: Imperial Engine Colors / Mancini Racing Mancini Racing also has this paint: http://chucker54.stores.yahoo.net/enginepaint.html They are a great source for Mopar engine/transmission rear end parts
Fred Joslin
7:22 AM
Re: Imperial Engine Colors I didn’t use it myself but it seemed to work fine and the color is correct. Norm Witte Lansing, Michigan 1968 Imperial Crown 4-dr hardtop
Norman C. Witte
7:13 AM
Re: Imperial Engine Colors Norm, I ran into the same issue a few years back ordering paint... that's why I asked. Were you happy with the Bill Hirsch turquoise? Was the color pretty
6:34 AM
Hinge Kits Does anyone have information on the hinge kits that Lowell used to make? Is someone selling them? I imagine that he had someone do the job and he marketed
Don Verity
6:03 AM
Re: Imperial Engine Colors I ended up buying it through Bill Hirsch. Some other place said they had the right color but sent the wrong paint. Norm Witte Lansing, Michigan 1968 Imperial
Norman C. Witte
5:42 AM
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Re: Imperial Engine Colors Where do you guys recommend buying turquoise engine paint? Mopar Performance has it but the local dealer doesn't have it on the shelf. Bill Hirsch? On Mon,
Apr 14
Re: Imperial Engine Colors My '64 Crown's engine is turquoise. I believe that I am the 3rd owner, and I'm certain the engine's never been touched. Dick T.
Dick Timberlake
Apr 14
67 Emergency Brake Hi The release works with vacuum. There is a small steel vacuum tank mounted at the top back of the intake manifold. The tank provides vacuum to release the
Brian Keligian
Apr 14
67: Emergency Brake Pedal Vacuum Release Question: how works the release of the pedal? How is the vacuum provided and when? When the gear selector is out of P or N? Questions... I ask because i have
Maikel Six
Apr 14
Spokane area engine rebuilder I have been thinking about building an engine and have been doing some research on line. These guys came up just west of Spokane. Sunwest Automotive Engines
Fred Joslin
Apr 14
Re: 1960 Inconsistent Braking Norm I know I'm stating the obvious here but it wouldn't be wheel balance would it, I tend to rule out the easy/obvious stuff first before getting myself
Tony Carter
Apr 14
Re: Imperial Blue's It's true, so true Size 15 Shoe! From: "ybshore@... " > Reply-To:
Corey, John
Apr 14
Re: Imperial Engine Colors Hi,  What a surprise if the original is orange!  I don´t have apublication but I want to tell...=)  Although Finland is a small country, there happens to
Panu Päivärinta
Apr 14
Re: 61 Imperial Convert by YATMING: INCREDIBLE DETAIL !!! Amen to that! From: "watchfatha@... " > Reply-To:
Corey, John
Apr 14
Imperial Blue's Ken, you can see John's a poet by his Imperial feet: they're Longfellow's... Ouch! But it's Monday..... In a message dated 4/14/2014 12:41:17 A.M. Eastern
Apr 14
Re: Imperial Engine Colors The '62 engine is "bluish-turquoise" with black accessories and air filter housing. Paul W. ... From: Ken Lang To: Imperial-Club
Paul Wentink
Apr 14
Re: 61 Imperial Convert by YATMING: INCREDIBLE DETAIL !!! There you go. Paul W. ... From: Corey, John To: Imperial-Club Sent: Sun, Apr 13, 2014 1:35 pm
Paul Wentink
Apr 14
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Re: 61 Imperial Convert by YATMING: INCREDIBLE DETAIL !!! I believe that when that model was being developed they used one of our members cars assist with the replication. If I am remembering correctly, there should
Paul Wentink
Apr 14
Re: 61 Imperial Convert by YATMING: INCREDIBLE DETAIL !!! Hi John, et. al. Sorry, I don't remember you post on the Yat Ming guys from years ago-and I didn't know that these are old, especially because when you go on
Apr 13
Re: 1960 Inconsistent Braking Tony. It started at about 60 mph (indicated) and got stronger up the clock. I have since added a shim to the driveshaft carrier and switched the tires front to
Apr 13
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