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Re: Does any body have parts for a 58 2dr. Some one backed into

I do. Please email me privately Impparts@... Thanks. Bob. H Sent from my iPhone ... I do. Please email me privately Impparts@... Thanks. Bob. H
Robert Hoffmeister
10:16 AM

Re: Does any body have parts for a 58 2dr. Some one backed into

Hi, I Don’t have any ‘58 parts. I do have a 1955-1958 Factory Illustrated two volume parts book for sale. See my Ad in the IML Classifieds under Literature
g h
10:02 AM

Re: Blue Chip Cars - Imperial vs Cadillac, 1964

Not that it matters much (at all?) but I think the '64 Cadillac was the first year to have the TH400 across all lines.
9:50 AM

Re: Alternator Gauge Repair

On Wed, May 6, 2015 at 12:44 PM, jonathangavin@... [Imperial-Club] < ... Along that logic, was the gauge the original one that came from the factory and
Andrew Hornback
9:49 AM

Re: Tensioner Pulley

I would give Bouchillon a call, if anyone will have/make them they will have it or know about it. These guys are Bracket & Pulley Wizards.
9:48 AM

Re: Alternator Gauge Repair

I would guess that the sequence of events was corrosion followed by resistance followed by heat, followed by failure. That's not to be correcting you, but to
9:44 AM

Tensioner Pulley

I'm tired of messing with the tensioner pulley on my 65' Crown, does anyone know of a way to change it over to the spring loaded kind. I've searched the web
9:19 AM

Alternator Gauge Repair

The alternator gauge on my 1968 Imperial failed due to heat and corrosion. I've removed the gauge from the dash, removed the terminals, cleaned them, and
David Duricy
8:46 AM
ken crab
May 5

Re: Door Keeper Kits

Thanks Glenn. 10 minutes... you are a good mechanic. Danno From: mailto:Imperial-Club@yahoogroups.com Sent: Tuesday, May 5, 2015 7:23 AM To:
May 5
May 5

Re: fuel injection 80-83

Larry,Twenty years ago, I could RUN. Now I can barely walk ! LOL !I think that  '81-'83 F.I. systems are just about worthless, but there is a VERY good
Jerry Landis
May 5

Re: fuel injection 80-83

Sorry, was unclear...it is a factory takeoff chrysler setup presumably from an Imperial.
May 5

fuel injection 80-83

Have found a "complete" take off fuel injection setup for sale. Opinions on its worth ? (My Imperial still has its system intact but with gremlins and
May 5

Re: Door Keeper Kits

Good quality material. Received mine yesterday and installed in 10 minutes. Sent from my iPad
Glenn Granger
May 5
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