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  • Patricia Pruitt
    Jun 6, 2014

      I don’t where your LeBaron is but I have ’62 LeBaron for sale here in Montana.  It is really quite salvageable, the seats need help and exterior some minor body work & paint of course.  Also have some parts.




      60 Custom Sedan

      62 Crown Southampton

      60 LeBaron chassis

      60 4 dr Donor car

          ’60 Parts galore!



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      Bad news.  The 62 LeBaron I purchased on Ebay is going to cost way too much to salvage.

      Good news.  I purchased a 62 Crown as a parts car and it turns out to be in great shape with a good motor.  It just needs a paint job and complete interior. 


      I know you are all going to gasp but I want to take my 62 Crown and turn it into a 62 LeBaron.  I don't want to take the roof and back window off the LeBaron I have as it looks is good shape (even though it is not) and would like to find the roof and back window off another 62 LeBaron that is in bad shape elsewhere.  Like in a front in collision or something.


      Does anyone know where I might find the roof and back window to a 62 LeBaron?


      Michael Wernz

      66 Crown Convertible


      Plus two 62's that need a lot of work.


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