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  • chrysleresop@...
    Mar 14, 2014
      The seller doesn't really indicate the age of the rubber itself. Have no need for an extra set of stainless, so I might be getting something I don't need + 54 year old rubber.

      I think I'll make a run to the parts store this week and just do a sideXside comparison. Will report back.

      Also... Confession to make. The blades aren't for my car... There is an executive VP @ Chrysler who uses a '60 Imperial as if it were a "regular" car, even in the winter. Obviously on the worst of days, he has a brand new car. But yesterday, he was commuting in the '60. Anybody around the Detroit area knows how lousy the roads still are; the best thing you could say about yesterday is it wasn't a blizzard. Thus, he really "needs" blades. Sunny days and Rain-X aren't good enough. This car is "nice driver" quality, but not a showpiece. It is still being used as a real car, and I think that is cool as hell.

      You should see how it stands out (and hopefully inspires) in the exec. garage!

      What is my connection? Fellow Imperial lover who has solved a few of his minor problems. There aren't exactly tons of people, even at the mothership, who can work on these cars!

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      I  found these. A little pricey, but if they are correct, I guess I’d buy.
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      I have found them on E-Bay for my 63
      63 coupe in Music City

      On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 1:30 PM, retromobilia <retromobilia@...> wrote:

      For those few times it might rain on the beauty; how about a good coating of Rain-X!!? No wipers needed. JJ

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      I tried that but Mother Nature had other plans. Blade came off and wiper arm scratched the windshield.




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      Just don’t drive your car in the rain.


      (Ok, let the firestorm begin.)


      Norm Witte

      Lansing, Michigan

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      I agree they are ugly on the car, though.

      Yep, I've broken that cover off before, too. It's a pretty hard job, actually.
      Having good originals is always a nice thing!

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