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42983Re: [SPAM][Imperial-Club] 61 Front Wheel Cylinders - Buy from Whom?/ PROGRESS on the FUEL SENDER !!

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  • john sadowski
    Mar 14, 2014
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      Hi Norm,
      I went with Raybestos when I replaced all 6 of them. The local parts store ordered them directly from Raybestos. I suspect they are still available.  I would guess under $200.
      My original question was weather the sender was properly positioned in the tank and everyone ignored me. Glad you finally have this figured out.
      Sent: Friday, March 14, 2014 5:38 PM
      Subject: [SPAM][Imperial-Club] 61 Front Wheel Cylinders - Buy from Whom?/ PROGRESS on the FUEL SENDER !!

      Hello All.
      Today, my right front wheel locked up after the brakes were applied. After it released (by driving backwards) I took the drum off and saw that the top cylinder is leaking. I want to replace all wheel cylinders and wonder who has a good quality product for a rational price. All comments welcome.
      Next, and FINALLY, some progress on the Fuel Sending unit mystery.
      Synopsis: New sending unit did not work inside the tank, although it did when hooked up outside the tank. My Bulgarian Diesel mechanics were intrigued by this circumstance and asked if they could take a look. Given that in Bulgaria they had to make do with inferior or missing parts all during their time there, I thought "hey, it couldn't hurt". Anyway, Richie figured that the float arm was not properly configured for this application so he bent it downward a bit. Because there was no gas in the car to speak of, there was no indication on the gauge. I then drove a very short distance to a gas station and put in 10 gallons, which caused the needle to go to 1/4 FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. When I have time I'm going to pull the sender and bend the arm more to see if that will solve it entirely.
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