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42973RE: [Imperial-Club] Re: Speedometer Needle Starting to Jump (1967)

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  • Norman C. Witte
    Mar 14, 2014
      Assuming the car has cruise, can both cables just be pulled at the cruise
      unit? That seems really easy.

      Norm Witte

      Lansing, Michigan

      1968 Imperial Crown 4-dr hardtop


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      1965 Corvair Corsa 140 HP coupe

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      Remove the cable from its tubing and lube it with any oil. Try not to use WD
      40 as it will dry up pretty quick. Clean engine oil is ok. Three in one is
      ok. Cable is jumping because there is no lube in the tube it rides in. It's
      amazing what a little oil will do. Silicone would be good too.

      Richard A. De Vito Sr


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      Subject: [Imperial-Club] Re: Speedometer Needle Starting to Jump (1967)

      > On 03/14/14, jonathangavin@... wrote:
      > On my drive to work today, I noticed the needle starting to jump around on
      the freeway. It wasn't constant, but would only do it periodically. Before
      this, it jumped around down around 5-10 mph, but was steady at higher
      > Is this an indicator that the cable is bad? The speedometer? Are there any
      preventative actions I can take?

      Cable needs lube or replacement and lube.
      They can go on quite a while like that before twisting up and tearing
      themselves apart, but I wouldn't count on it.

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