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42965Re: [Imperial-Club] 1961 Wiper Blades

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  • chrysleresop@...
    Mar 14, 2014
      Sounds like I may have to look for another brand of wiper (I didn't buy these ANCO).

      It's hard to explain in words (which is one reason I wish the IML would just move to a message board format; then I could post a photo), but if you can imagine just the rubber and plastic blade is about 3/4 the cross-sectional size of the older blade. Obviously length is the same.

      Once removed from the new blade holder, the blade itself (refill) is undersized within the old blade holder. It would almost work, but I'd expect it to fall out at a bad moment and scratch the windshield.

      I'll try bringing the old blade into the store and matching it in terms of cross-sectional area.

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      I just went through a wiper replacement on my '64.  Upon discovering that the rubber blade itself is no longer sold, I bought new black metal 18" wiper blade assemblies that matched the construction of my stainless originals.  I removed the blades from the black assemblies and installed them on my stainless originals.  They fit perfectly.  Was really annoyed to have to toss the black metal blade assemblies just to get the blades themselves, but there you are.

      I found these at Advance Auto Parts.  I no longer have the packaging, but these were the cheap ones in the yellow cartons.  Blade assemblies were about $9 each. Trico pretty much standardized wiper blade specs in the '60's, so the blade widths should be the same in '61 as in '64.  If not, your recourse might be to put '64 stainless blade assemblies on your 1961 wiper arms then proceed as above.

      Chris H.
      64 Crown 4drht

      On Thursday, March 13, 2014 7:57 PM, Pete Engel <peterengel@...> wrote:
      The whole wiper blade situation is bleak and getting worse.  I tried Advance Auto Parts for my dad's 04 T&C and found only shite for a high price; nothing even approaching the originals.  They didn't have any refills except break-to-correct length ones, LOL.  Went to the local Chrysler dealer and found Made in China blades like the AAP ones only less money.  The blade at the back is literally half the thickness/weight of the originals.  When I inquired the parts guy checked and said I *could* get OEM blades for about $30 each.  I don't know what they are but I may do that.
      It should be interesting when I need blades for any of my old stuff.  It seems like ANCO and Trico are totally walking away from the older car market.
      Pete in PA

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      Subject: [Imperial-Club] 1961 Wiper Blades

      Ok guys, where/how can I get new ones? Just tried to swap new 16" Anco blades on to the original stainless blades. No dice... The rubber/plastic reinforcement strips are just too thin/skinny/wimpy.

      I obviously don't want to run plastic blades. What's everybody doing? I can't be the first to need these.

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