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Re: 1960 LeBaron interior

The trunk carpet in the linked car appears dark blue. It could be my monitor. Have seen Mopars with trunk carpet of varying colors, but not keyed to match
11:20 AM

White wall width

Does anyone know what the correct white wall width is for a 1960 Imperial?
9:07 AM

Re: 1960 LeBaron interior

If you are looking for the correct fabric for your LeBaron, SMS Auto Fabric in Portland may have it. I was able to get it for mine through them. On a side
8:42 AM

Re: 1960 LeBaron interior

What do you mean by color keyed trunk carpet?  One on of my 60 Lebarons the trunk carpet is black, car is black, interior carpet was blue.  Another has
GB Baker
8:34 AM

Re: 1960 LeBaron interior

My 62 has an all-leather interior, and I suspect it was the same story in 1960; only the Crown came with an all-leather interior as an option, but you could
7:01 AM

Re: Swivel seats

both swivel out when door opens 1960 was the only year like that JESSER'S 26 WEST STREET AKRON OH 44303-2344 Phone 330-376-8181 Fax 330-384-9129 Paypal
Joe Jesser
5:35 AM

Swivel seats

Another question for you guys pertaining to the 1960 I am looking at. The car has swivel front seats, on the passenger's side, when you open the door the seat
5:31 AM

Re: 1960 LeBaron interior

I can't say for sure on 1960, but in '61 you could get all-leather. I have photos of an unrestored car that I took just in case I wanted to go the all-leather
2:04 AM

Re: 1960 LeBaron interior

Here is a LeBaron with all leather that the owner claims to be original. I suppose, the literature could be wrong and changes were made later in production.
john sadowski
8:57 PM

Re: 1960 LeBaron interior

Here is a photo right out of the 60 upholstery book. It shows the combinations of leather and broadcloth. On the next page is all broadcloth options.
john sadowski
8:40 PM

1960 LeBaron interior

Does anyone know if the 1960 LeBaron was available with an all leather interior? Most of the original examples I have seen have leather with broadcloth
8:27 PM

Re: All windows stopped working '73

Problem SOLVED. Thanks to all for responses/suggestions. The problem was that the power window relay that is secured to the edge of the fuse box (left foot
7:59 PM

Re: 1960 Imperial LeBaron - scarce and not generally available.

Thanks For The information Stephen, on your front brakes am I seeing a dual caliper set up? You didn’t mention the years of the Puegot/Citroen or the Suzuki
6:49 PM

Intro and Paging Chris H in LA...

Howdy, all. First post here. I've spent decades at the other end (A-bodies) of the Chrysler Corp passenger car range as "SlantSixDan". Most of those are sold
5:46 PM

Re: 1960 Imperial LeBaron - scarce and not generally available.

I have done a 4 wheel discs on my 61 using Suzuki Jimny discs, puegot/citroen calipers and a 67 New Port Disc brake MC. The front all bolts on using the
Stephen Fairley
2:51 PM
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