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Re: 1965 in Albuquerque for sale

Anyone looking to buy a really nice and rare 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury #'s matching 426 speed wedge engine. The car is a solid # 3 with # 2 qualities. I know
Scott Bregman
2:28 AM

Re: Parts Question

(Hoping it's not against the rules to pose this question here): I'm wondering if anyone can refer to me to source for the wheel opening trim for a 62 imperial
8:25 PM

1965 in Albuquerque for sale

Hi, I know of a very nice and fully functional daily driver for sale in Albuquerque. The car must have been garaged cause the interior, all original, is NICE.
8:04 PM

No more major Classic Car Shows for 2015

Hi everyone, Well the last major classic car show for this year, as the days become shorter and we move into winter and its cooler weather, was to have been
Carl Kelsen Arlette Pat
6:58 PM

Re: piles

around that time. tom mc cahill said he would buy an imperial if for no other reason it had vent windows. I do miss them. On Sat, 4/18/15, 'Klebert L. Hall'
Philip Daniels
6:41 PM

Re: Parts source question

Try L&R Butler, Auto Dismantlers in Perris, CA. NICE, nice guys and I think they have one or two 63's in their lot. 951 940 9281. Lawrence and Rodney are only
6:20 PM

Re: New tires

what brand are they? JESSER'S 26 WEST STREET AKRON OH 44303-2344 Phone 330-376-8181 Fax 330-384-9129 Paypal classickeys@... Website
Joe Jesser
5:29 PM

Re: New tires

I have 255/70/15 tires on my 69 Imperial. They are the same diameter as 235/75/15 tires and just a little wider. These tires work great on this car.   Fred
Fred Joslin
5:27 PM

1964 Crown Coupe for sale in Spokane $4000

I saw a 64 Crown Coupe for sale in a car lot today in Spokane advertised for $4000. Not in what I would call very good condition inside or out. I have some
Fred Joslin
5:25 PM

Re: Austin LeBaron

I don’t see rear air in the car, but that is the correct spot for the spare from at least 59-66. John From: mailto:Imperial-Club@yahoogroups.com Sent:
john sadowski
5:01 PM

Re: 1953 Crown Imperial Limousine

I loved the article and the photos.  The Packard was a nice bonus! Thanks for sending the link. From: "Eduardo Quirino eduardoquirino@... [Imperial-Club]"
Tom Hubbard
3:59 PM

Re: piles

Wow, good catch on the optional power vent windows. It does show in the options list at the end of the 1972 brochure. And what a strange option - to offer
3:53 PM

Top Gear Philippines

      I forgot to mention that the photos of Top Gear feature two presidential cars: the first is a 42 Packard 180 Limo and scroll further down is the Crown
Eduardo Quirino
3:51 PM

1953 Crown Imperial Limousine

Greetings,     Here are a few photos that were featured by Top Gear in the Philippines, of President Quirino's Crown Imperial Limousine:   
Eduardo Quirino
3:37 PM

Re: Austin LeBaron

Based on the spare tire location, is that a dual a/c car? Pete in PA From: Marc Wohlbier marc_wohlbier@... [Imperial-Club] Sent: Saturday, April 18, 2015
Pete Engel
3:31 PM
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