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Sent from Windows Mail Just wanted everyone to know I just posted an ad in our IML Classifieds ,Under “Literature for sale” I am selling Chrysler parts
g h
12:52 PM

Exhaust Manifold - Jet Hot vs Calyx

K, Jet Hot I see is a ceramic coating and all the benefits near as can be researched as opposed to the plain ol'cast iron gray shine instilled by Calyx. Not
12:51 PM

Anybody got a 64/5/6 tail light "bucket" that holds the bulbs in the

Hello All.Short story: I left my car in "Park" only to have it slip out and roll across the street and take out a sign. Fortunately, only the door and bumper
norman silverman
12:10 PM

Re: Exhaust Manifold

Would you be willing to sell the other Rear Air unit? Can you describe the condition of it? I have a 57 Southampton which may like to have it...! JJohn ...
11:32 AM

Re: Exhaust Manifold - Jet Hot vs Calyx

I have used both products. Calyx is like a ladies' makeup product for your exhaust. Smear it on and it is inert and cast-iron looking. Looks really good, in
Kenyon Wills
10:42 AM

Re: Backfire

Hey Joe, The occasional flooding is not a concern as the more I drive with the new ignition, tune-up, etc., the more the sweet spot of combination fuel pump
5:33 AM

Re: Backfire

FWIW, no Mopar big block (B or RB) had a factory-installed exhaust manifold gasket. The head and the manifold were machined to have a very smooth mating
Pete Engel
5:24 AM

Re: Backfire

You may eventually find a solution for the flooding and difficult start when cold. I think someone on this forum may have the answer for you. On the ticking
4:01 AM

Re: Exhaust Manifold

Hi Website info I want to pass on the name of a great product I have been using to restore my exhaust manifolds. It is called Calyx and is produced in
Greg Petrie
7:41 PM

Re: Exhaust Manifold

I sent mine to Jet Hot Coating. That was around 20 years ago, so don’t recall what I paid. They came out a dark gray color. The car isn’t on the road yet,
john sadowski
4:49 PM

Re: Backfire

Don't touch it. Just drive it and enjoy the breeze in your hair. Richard A. De Vito Sr ________________________________ From: Gary Kitterman
Richard A. DeVito Sr
Mar 28

Exhaust Manifold

I want to thank everyone for their useful comments on restoring my 1962 LeBaron. It is really coming together nicely. Now we are getting ready to put the
Mar 28

Re: Backfire

Tis an ill wind that blows no good. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android From:"ybshore@... [Imperial-Club]" Date:Sat, Mar 28,
Gary Kitterman
Mar 28


All, In bringing my '55 331 Hemi to life after a winters snooze, she backfired from fuel overload. I'm sure of this as with the Pertronix system, she starts
Mar 28

Re: Water pump pulley/pump repair kit

Gary, Perhaps you could scuff it up and paint it: _Early Chrysler Hemi, Aluminum Water Pump Pulleys, Spacer Kits_
Mar 27
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