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Events at the time of Marie-Antoinette's Birth-November 2, 1755

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  • madame_antoine
    Her Majesty has been very happily delivered of a small, but completely healthy Archduchess. Count Khevenhuller, Court Chamberlain, 1755 and from Antonia
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      "Her Majesty has been very happily delivered of a small,
      but completely healthy Archduchess."
      Count Khevenhuller, Court Chamberlain, 1755
      and from Antonia Fraser's "Marie Antoinette: The Journey"

      "On 2 November 1755 the Queen-Empress was in labour all day with
      her fifteenth child. Since the experience of childbirth was no
      novelty, and since Maria Teresa, Queen of Hungary by inheritance,
      Empress of the Holy Roman Empire by marriage, hated to waste time,
      she also laboured in another way at her papers. For the
      responsibilities of government were not to be lightly cast aside;
      in her own words: 'My subjects are my first children.' It was a
      girl. As soon as was practical, Maria Teresa returned to work,
      signing papers from her bed." The new archduchess would be known
      by the french diminutive of her baptismal name, Antoine...or as
      she was called by those around her royal household,"Madame Antoine".

      Antoine was born on the Feast of All Souls, the great Catholic Day
      of the Dead, when the departed were solelmnly commemorated in a
      series of requiem masses in churches and chapels heavily draped in

      A massive earthquake took place in Lisbon, Portugal on the 2nd of
      November which killed between 10,000 and 100,000 people...although at
      the time, since news did not travel fast..Maria Teresa and Francis
      Stephen of Lorraine had no idea of the huge earthquake and its
      destruction, on the birth of their daughter Antoine, who was said to
      be as alike her mother 'as two drops of water'.

      And so began the life of Maria Antonia Josepha Joanna, or as she
      was known in her royal household, Madame Antoine. I would not put
      her in the category of mediocrity, which Stefan Zweig does in his
      book "Marie Antoinette: Portrait of an Average Woman" however, I
      believe I understand what he is trying to say because I do believe
      that in truth, Marie Antoinette would have preferred to live a more
      peaceful and easy existence out of the public eye; however life
      itself did not give her this choice. Because of this and the events
      happening to her around the time of the revolution, fate more or less
      stepped in and forced upon her a magnanimous amount of personal and
      spiritual growth..and brought to the fore, the true queenly qualities
      and majesty that she had inherited from her own mother, Queen Maria
      Teresa. So, while in some historians eyes, she was a woman who might
      have lived a rather inconspicuous and mediocre life...God, fate and
      the powers that be decided to mold, shape and polish her life through
      many trials and suffering until in the end, the rough stone became
      a diamond of beauty and quality that henceforth has been ever admired
      and remembered.
      "Happy Birthday, Marie Antoinette!"

      kind regards,
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