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Re: Death to France’s former Queen. Not the answer.

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  • ladyofhealingtouch
    It has been a while since this message was printed, but I realized I had not responded to it. Not everyone wanted Marie Antoinette dead. There were those who
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 9, 2008
      It has been a while since this message was printed, but I
      realized I had not responded to it. Not everyone wanted
      Marie Antoinette dead. There were those who still loved and
      revered her..but those who wanted her out of the picture were
      louder and wielded more power over the citizens.

      It is human nature apparently to be a follower. Those that
      have the desire to be leaders are for the most part, far and
      few between. Most are quite happy to sit back and be led by
      someone else. In the case of Marie Antoinette, the "leaders"
      of the revolutionaries used their power to spread lies through
      their pamplets and by word of mouth enough to destroy her
      reputation. True, she had made her share of mistakes..but not
      to the extent that she should have been condemned in the way
      she was. Perhaps many of the followers of the revolutionaries
      were a party to what is known as "groupthink", the process whereby
      a group arrives at a decision that they privately know is wrong,
      but feel that they cannot as individuals challenge. It happens
      all the time today and has in the past and I believe during
      Marie Antoinette's time as well. Two of the examples we were
      given during my Sociology class was the 1962 Bay of Pigs Invasion
      and the Vietnam War. In both of these cases, there were those in
      each of these president's cabinets who disapproved of the decision
      to invade (Cuba) or to escalate the war(Vietnam) but remained
      silent..in order to gain further approval from Kennedy and

      Mistakes are made when good people keep their mouths shut and
      do not speak up for what they know to be right. Evil deeds are
      done when charismatic people have control over the common man
      who many times unknowingly is following the lead of one who he
      does not recognize as evil or as power hungry. I believe this
      may have been the case of many of those who were joining with
      the revolutionaries. Suffering, I believe blinded many to a more
      peaceful way of handling the whole situation and yes, to me...
      the execution of Louis and Marie Antoinette was not necessary.


      --- In Images_of_Marie_Antoinette@yahoogroups.com, "Axel"
      <Rand103242@...> wrote:
      > "Everyone wanted Marie Antoinette dead.
      > "The former Queen was a long ways from home, she had tried
      > she had seen people murdered, she had been called every name in the
      > book..
      > "She had no other defense at the time in trial.
      > "In my opinion THE french killed the king and the queen of their
      > country, and that is sad sad. Death should not have been the
      > "There are other alternatives........Their reasoning for wanting
      > dead were for the wrong reasons.
      > bgnparisgurl
      > Commoner
      > Paradise - United States
      > The above is a repost here from a post at Royal Forums by the above
      > author – comments welcome. It's the 6th and last of several
      > This writer made interesting comments i wanted to share - Axel
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