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Re: Iggy tried to bite me!!

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  • Angie
    Thanks for all the info. I think some people on this list misunderstood me. I am going to re read the article about behavior and dislodging. I would not have
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      Thanks for all the info. I think some people on this list
      misunderstood me. I am going to re read the article about behavior and
      dislodging. I would not have done anything without being sure it was
      correct. I would never tear skin off. I only remove skin which is
      already disconnected and don't even get very close to the still
      connected parts. I didn't mean to upset or worry anyone.

      I petted him yesterday. I watched his body language carefully and he
      was his relaxed old self again. I think before I did not pay attention
      to his body language and he did want to be left alone to eat his meal
      and definately did not want my hand around his eye. I have noticed the
      things on his back legs are ggetting larger, Therefor,I do beleive he
      is a he but not positive. Those femoral pores were small and flat now
      they have spikes like protrusions pointing toward his belly.

      I didn't really pick an ig for a pet. He lived in a motorcycle shop I
      used to work at. They went out of business and his owner was going to
      give him away. He lived in a glass display case and ate weeds from the
      parking lot. He had no humidity and a regular light bulb.Iggy and his
      old owner got along great he was very good with him and they were
      actually buddies but didn't understand about his care. I was afraid of
      who he would end up with because of the crowd who hung out there. I was
      afraid he would end up with someone who would consider it funny to get
      Iggy high(you know the good ol boy, mullet sporting, cock fighting type)
      or the Cheech and Chong Type. (No offence to mullet wearers) He may
      have ended up in a wonderful home but I read the stats and that was not

      My home is not the best home he could have because I have too many
      other animals. He don't get the attention he should but he gets good
      care and some attention several times a day.I love him and I am very
      attached to him but If someone could give him a life (like Mike or
      Bookie for instance)I would. (with a promise of updates) give him up.I
      have 5 inside dogs ages 13 to 6 and 7 inside birds, ages 21 to 5. I
      have had them since they either hatched (the 5 yr old) till the 13 yr
      old dog who I got at 6 weeks. Also a turtle and Iggy. Uotside I have 2
      horses, a donkey, 17 duck 3 chickens and more dogs and cats which were
      rescues mostly. Not to mention a husband and 2 grandaughters, a 15
      month old (into everything) anda 4 month old. here on a regular basis.

      I am also in the process of opening a business.

      Now that I have gotten to know an IG I would love to have a free
      roaming Ig just lounge around with me. They are remarkable animals and
      have so much more intelligence and personality then I would have

      My arms have already been shredded several times, I don't pay a lot of
      attention to that but a little worried about a bite.

      Thanks again I will keep posting his progress. Angie
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