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    Monthly IguanaMail Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Last updated: 03/30/00 Since so many members lose or delete the Welcome letter they received when they
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      Monthly IguanaMail Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
      Last updated: 03/30/00

      Since so many members lose or delete the Welcome letter they received when they joined the IML, this FAQ will reiterate some of the key information you need to know to participate on the IML and manage your mailing list account(s) at Onelist.com.

      This FAQ will be posted to the IML at the beginning of every month. This FAQ is excerpted from the Welcome letter. You can find the full text of the Welcome letter at http://www.sonic.net/melissk/welcometoiml.html and in the Files area of the IML at http://www.onelist.com

      - Before You Post Your First Message... (how to quickly conquer 'Net Newbie Syndrome)
      - The Rules (or, how to stay on the list and make it an enjoyable place to be)
      - Get To Know Your Member Center Page at Onelist.com (just what it says)
      - Account Status Changes (subscribe, unsubscribe, digest, no mail; sending IML mail)

      Before You Post Your First Message...
      Many people have to pay for every minute of online time. Because this can get quite expensive with large email discussion lists such as IML, the IML listowners have established rules and guidelines to try to keep the amount of wasted bandwidth (unnecessary text and mail) to a minimum. Since we are all in this IML community together, we ask that everyone respect these guidelines and abide by the rules.

      While all reasonable and iguana-related questions are welcomed, it can be a waste of bandwidth (and excessively expensive for those who are paying for connect time) to ask very basic questions, or overly broad questions. If you are new to iguanas, rather than start out by asking "Tell me everything I need to know about my new iguana!", you will be better off doing some reading on the subject yourself, and then come to the list with specific questions. The answers you receive will then make a lot more sense to you with the background information you will by then have acquired through the reading. If you haven't already, iguana owners are encouraged to read three excellent resources by experienced pet keepers, available on the World Wide Web:

      Adam Britton's "Wong's Green Iguana Heaven"

      Melissa Kaplan's Giant Green Iguana Information Collection

      Jennifer Swofford's Iguana Manual

      Other useful articles and sites if you are new to the Internet, Email and the World Wide Web (WWW):

      Emoticons & Abbreviations: find out what people mean when they use all that weird punctuation and acronyms (http://www.sonic.net/melissk/smileys.html)

      Everything you might ever want to know is not yet on the WWW. Sometimes, you gotta hit the hard stuff: books, journals, magazines, etc. Some basic on- and off-line research source suggestions can be found in the article "Researching Herp Information." (http://www.sonic.net/melissk/research.html)

      You can find information on general rules of 'Netiquette (Internet etiquette) by reading the following articles:


      Introduction to Network Etiquette

      The Art of Getting Help

      The Rules
      A common misconception about the Internet/World Wide Web is that anything goes, that anyone can say anything to anyone at anytime. If this has been your understanding, think again! ;) In fact, from the time you first access your online account, whether it is through a commercial service such as AOL, your employer's Internet account, or through an independent internet service provider, you have--knowingly or unknowingly--agreed to certain limitations on your online behavior.

      By remaining subscribed to the list, you give your tacit agreement that you will abide by the rules stated by the list owners/moderators, in the Welcome letter as well as in any administrative posts [ADMIN] that may be posted to the list from time to time.

      The rules for IML are:

      1. Use specific subject lines, like "Need help finding reptile vet in St Louis MO" instead of "Help!" or "Re: IguanaMail Digest 25."

      2. Don't quote entire letters in your response - just the fewest lines necessary so that the rest of the listmembers know what you are talking about but they aren't overwhelmed with text they've already read. MEMBERS WHO CONSISTENTLY FAIL TO DELETE EXCESSIVE QUOTATIONS WILL BE PUT ON PREMODERATED STATUS WITH THEIR POSTS BOUNCED BACK TO THEM FOR EDITING AND REPOSTING.

      3. Keep posts on-topic. While some straying from the topic, if it otherwise is of interest to IMLers, may be acceptable for limited periods of time, in general off-topic questions and responses should be handled by private email between IMLers. If posts stray too far afield, the list will be asked to take it to private email. If it doesn't stop, the moderators will contact the posters directly. Continued disregard for this can result in termination from the list.

      4. Do not attach documents, forwarded mail, viruses, or graphics files to IML posts, or send your mail to the list coded in rich text format (bolding, italics, stationery, etc.) or send your postings in HTML format (check your email options to code your outgoing IML posts to text or plain text only).

      5. Deliberately posting to the IML any email sent to you (or email forwarded to you by someone) is inappropriate and may be cause for termination from the list.

      6. Treat IMLers as if they were cherished friends, not family members at whom you are ticked off. Being polite will keep all communications more pleasant for all list subscribers, not just those participating in a particular discussion.

      7. Play nice. Attack issues, not people. It is fine to disagree with people, but do so politely. Passion is fine. Anger, baiting, harassing, flaming, trolling and engaging in disruptive communications will result in being terminated from the list.

      8. If there are things that annoy and irritate you when done by other people on other email lists, don't do them on our list.

      9. While this may sound like a lot of negatives, the Iguanas Mailing List has been - and can continue to be - a lot of fun. While caring for iguanas is a serious matter requiring learning things you never thought you'd ever need to know (let alone all because of that tiny green lizard you brought home!), living with iguanas can be a lot of fun. So feel free to share that fun and sense of wonder, as well as the frustrations...just do it nicely!

      10. When the Moderators state that a thread is closed, it is closed. Period. If you disagree or have a problem with the Moderators decision, take it up with the Moderators, directly, do not take it to list. Mailing Lists are not a democracy, not with over 900 people participating on them. FAILURE TO HANDLE THESE ADMINISTRATIVE DISAGREEMENTS APPROPRIATELY MAY RESULT IN BEING PLACED IN MODERATED STATUS OR BEING TERMIANTED FROM THE IML.

      11. Do NOT send forwarded or other warnings of viruses to the list. Do everyone in your address book a big favor and check out such mailings you receive from your well-meaning (or irritating) friends. Check out viruses on Symantec's Virus & Hoax Encyclopedia at http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/vinfodb.html and things like the post office charging for email and Free Coke! and organ theft rings at http://urbanlegends.about.com IF YOU SEND THIS JUNK TO THE LIST, YOU WILL BE PLACED ON MODERATED STATUS.

      Get To Know Your Member Center Page at Onelist.com ===============================================

      Launch your web browser and go to the http://www.onelist.com website. In the fields on the left, enter your email address and password (that you selected when you registered as a Onelist user on your first visit there; if you aren't yet registered, you will need to do so).

      Click the Member Center button. This will take you to your Member screen that shows a listing of all the Onelist mailing lists to which you are subscribed. From this page you can:

      Unsubscribe - gets you off the list.

      Change to Digest - gets you the one or two digests daily instead of hundreds of individual letters.

      IMPORTANT: If you are taking the digest version, scan the topics when you first open the digest. Look for any posts prefaced with [IguanaMail] [ADMIN] and read those first. This way, if the Moderators have stated that a topic is closed, you will not make the mistake of responding to it on the list. Change to

      Normal Mail - when you want to get individual letters instead of the digest.

      No Mail - this is good for when you are super busy in real life or on vacation but don't want to unsubscribe; this way you still can access the Files, Calendar, etc.

      Account Status Changes

      You can make some changes to email status by email

      Send a blank email addressed to the following addresses to make the changes indicated:

      Unsubscribe: IguanaMail-unsubscribe@onelist.com
      Subscribe: IguanaMail-subscribe@onelist.com
      Change from Normal to Digest: IguanaMail-digest@onelist.com
      Change from Digest to Normal: IguanaMail-normal@onelist.com

      To send new mail to IML: IguanaMail@onelist.com

      To send replies to a letter you read, hit your REPLY button on your email program's screen.

      If you have any questions, you can contact the moderators by addressing your email to:


      We look forward to seeing you on the lML, Your Moderators:
      Liza Daly
      Alta Brewer
      Melissa Kaplan
      Katie Kearns
      Bill Myers
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