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Re: herp sitters update

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  • Pink Iguana
    This is forwarded from the WaterDragon list for those of you who might need herp sitting hope this helps. Hello! I have just updated the herp sitters page:
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      This is forwarded from the WaterDragon list for those of you who
      might need herp sitting hope this helps.


      I have just updated the herp sitters page:

      http://www.icomm.ca/dragon/sitter.htm States A- M
      http://www.icomm.ca/dragon/sitter2.htm States N- Z, International

      Please feel free to pass this message on to other herp mailing
      lists, newsgroups, or forums. Check your listing if you have already

      Summer holidays are just about over, but some people may still
      planning vacations in the fall, Christmas time, and hmmmmmmmm
      maybe even
      New Years? I bet a number of you would love to have someone
      take care of
      your reptiles or amphibians so that you can go away on vacation. :)
      maybe you just want to plan in advance for your next vacation?

      Well, here is your answer! The Herp Sitter list is a listing of
      people who have volunteered to care for your animals while you are
      away. We now have:

      - 292 US volunteers, from 41 states, with the highest volunteer
      listings going to California, Texas and Florida.

      -25 Canadian volunteers, from 5 provinces (out of 10), with the
      highest volunteer listings going to Ontario

      -18 International volunteers, from 7 countries, with the highest
      volunteer listings from the Netherlands.

      *** Please, we need more international volunteers! ***

      -335 volunteers in total from 9 countries- USA, Canada, England,
      France, Israel, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, and Sweden.

      Anyone looking for someone to take care of their reptiles (and in
      some cases other pets) during the Holiday season or for your
      winter or
      summer vacation should visit the site and see if there is a herp sitter
      volunteer in your area.

      Of course, new volunteers are always welcome! If you would like to
      volunteer, please be sure to tell me ( dragon@... ):

      1. What country are you from?
      2. What State or Province are you from?
      3. What city or area?
      4. Your name?
      5. Your email address?
      6. What animals you are willing to care for:

      A = frogs and/or toads or other amphibians
      B = birds (in herp households)
      C = crocodilians such as caimans
      I = iguanas
      L = lizards other than igs, possibly including bearded dragons,
      geckos, monitors, chameleons and so forth
      M = administer meds and other special care
      R = rodents and other prey items
      S = snakes
      T = turtles and/or tortoises
      W = warm-blooded (e.g., cats, dogs, etc., in herp households)
      O = other (specify)

      6. Please indicate if you can care for the animals:
      IH = in your own home
      V = by visiting the pet's home

      Thank you!!!!! (please feel free to pass this information on to
      other lists that you might be on!)

      Bye for now!

      Tricia mailto:dragon@... ICQ# 23380040
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      *Water Dragon FAQ http://www.icomm.ca/dragon/faq.htm *
      *Mini-care sheets http://www.icomm.ca/dragon/minicare.htm *
      *The HerpSitter List http://www.icomm.ca/dragon/sitter.htm *
      *Napoleon Iguana Page http://www.icomm.ca/dragon/napoleon.htm
      *PowerWeb Design http://members.home.net/powerweb/ *

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