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RE: [IgboWorldForum] Re: [asa-usa] Re: [IgboEvents:Live] Izuchukwu On Jimmy Asiegbu--Really? Ohaneze Chieftain To Reconcile WIC Factions

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  • Afamefuna Anawana
    Ndi be anyi, I have yet again been dragged out of my cave with regards to the response from their Okwulu Oha 1 (OO). So all of a sudden Ndigbo have to remain
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      Ndi be anyi,
      I have yet again been dragged out of my cave with regards to the response from their "Okwulu Oha 1"(OO).
      So all of a sudden Ndigbo have to remain at a standstill, while the egos of a few people are boosted, by the destruction of a summit that is meant to improve the lots of millions and millions of Ndigbo who are currently languishing in abject poverty, and being forced into criminal activities.  Thank God the summit was a success.
      So this OO is more interested in ensuring that the Ohanaeze PG did not turn up.  He is more interested in ensuring that the Ohanaeze PG is not looking at the bigger picture for Ndigbo.  He is more interested in encouraging the current Ohanaeze PG to take sides with one of the WIC factions, rather than take sides with Ndigbo in general.
      While not trying to hold brief for the current Ohanaeze PG, I have no doubt he would have attended the summit, even if it was organised by the Onwuchekwa group.  But for some reason, OO has problems with the PG's attendance of the Eto group event.  How very childish and destructive of the bigger Igbo agenda!!!
      I am not subscribed to WIC or asa-usa groups, but the only two contributions that I have read from this OO of a person are thus
      1.  When IWA spoke out against Andy Ubah's moves to regain the mantle of Anambra governorship.  His Okwulu Ohaness saw it fit to concentrate on attempting to destroy IWA, for daring to stand with Anambrarians.
      2.  Now that the Ohanaeze PG has chosen to identify with Ndigbo in general by attending a summit that's meant to better their portion.  His Okwulu Ohaness is now doing his utmost best to ensure that the barrier between the two WIC camps remains as solid as ever by almost shunning the Ohanaeze PG's peace initiative.
      It is quite clear that I am beginning to have a better understanding of OO.  I am beginning to form a more objective view of his inclinations and desires for Ndigbo.  I am beginning to get a clearer picture of the nature of his title "Okwulu Oha 1 of Ndigbo".
      He may be the Okwulu Oha, but from the points made above, the Oha are not Ndigbo.
      What I am about to write below will sound very controversial, but it is the real truth of the matter.  Iodine is very effective at helping to heal open wounds, even though it HURTS.   This may hurt.
      What we are currently experiencing has its roots in the bastardisation of our cultural institutions by the Europeans.  The introduction of WARRANT CHIEFS being one of such corruptions.
      WARRANT CHIEFS were used to by-pass the authentic Igbo community leaders and already laid out rules.  Back then Igbo villages and towns had leaders who were properly and democratically chosen by the community.  These group of individuals were largely non-cooperative with the Europeans, and the best way of going about their decapitation was to introduce rival authorities backed up by forced laws and of course the ever present colonial army.
      The first set of WARRANT CHIEFS were also required to renounce the EZE Nri as a part of their swearing-in oath, and to break their communities links with Nri, as Nri kept the code of abomination (aru/alu) in Igboland.
      The first set of WARRANT CHIEFS were mainly (but not exclusively) from families that were not well respected in their communities, as no major family wanted to cooperate with the alien rulers, either out of fear or out of pride.
      This debased a lot of our values, and that is why Okwulu Oha 1 even got a look-in.  Back in the days, when Igbo was Igbo, he will be in the rank to be MAPU'd.   (MMAPU).
      I have no doubt that their Okwulu Oha 1 got his title from someone from the WARRANT CHIEF lineage.  A lot of them metamorphosed into our current Igwes e.t.c., but the corruption had already happened.  Such Igwes usually have powerful contacts with Igbo-hating circles, and will usually show no respect for certain unwritten rules.  At times even, such Igwes try to belittle the Eze Nri-ship by making outlandish claims of superiority.  This is all a part of the signs.
      It is also worthy of note, that a number of these Igwes have turned out to be real champions of the Igbo cause and have been major blessings to Ndigbo.  However, there still remains quite a number who have lost all sense of what is ALU/ARU and give titles to the highest bidder, not bearing in mind the true character of those individuals.
      Little wonder why a so-called titled men of Igbo origin, will team up with outsiders to destroy ana Igbo, and there will be no consequences for their actions..  Can you imagine such, happening if not for the initial bastardisation of our culture by the advent of the Europeans?
      Let me stop at this.
      Afam Anawana

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      “Chief Okwuru Oha 1 of Igboland,…Well said and this is a candid call of the issue as an honest nwa-afor Igbo” Mazi Izuchukwu B. Ihemelu



      Nanna, biko were nwayoo, please!


      You and  I know that in the good old days in Igboland, morally bankrupt, debased people, like Jimmy Asiegbu, would never be conferred with a chieftaincy title of any kind whatsoever.  Yes, Igwe (Eze) of Ezinifite, a town from which Jimmy hails, is very much aware of that, hence his refusal to confer such a title to Jimmy. So, Jimmy went to Igbo-Ukwu, a neighboring town, and got one by way of subornment, abi.


      Na waoo.



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      Subject: [asa-usa] Re: [IgboEvents:Live] Really? Ohaneze Chieftain To Reconcile WIC Factions
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      Chief Okwuru Oha 1 of Igboland,

      Well said and this is a candid call of the issue as an honest nwa-afor
      Igbo. Without mincing words, I will join you in condemning Chief Ralph
      Uwaechue if in reality he had the slightest idea of the upheaval in our
      Diaspora community before undertaking this particular trip. This tells
      much of his experience in handling problems of this magnitude. Any way,
      I have not giving up hope that he will call it right in no distant
      future. Ndewo.

      Mazi Izuchukwu B. Ihemelu.

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      Subject: [IgboEvents: Live] Really? Ohaneze Chieftain To Reconcile WIC

      Really? Did Chief Ralph Uwaechue just wake up and realize that this
      should have been his first assignment before attending the summit as a
      leader would have done. I am afraid to say that his ill-advised
      decision has
      further caused disunity among the Diaspora Igbos and has cast a big
      shadow on
      his capability to make wise decisions on Igbo Issues. He cannot say
      that he was
      oblivious of the WIC palaver  as it was fully reported
      that each
      paid him a visit or interacted with him during the past Xmas holidays.
      Regardless of the incentives or enticements offered to him to attend
      the Summit,
      his first priority would have been to reconcile the factions and make
      sure that
      a United Igbo Economic Summit under WIC is organized and executed with
      hands on deck. It is obvious that he has taken sides without fully
      conducting investigations on the problem,  and I sincerely doubt
      whether it
      will not amount to applying "Medicine after Death" in the reported
      intention to reconcile the factions.
      How would he feel if Ohaneze starts having factions again and WIC takes
      sides without attempts to reconcile both factions? Or what is the
      guarantee that
      his current miscalculation on Diaspora Igbo problem will not  have a
      prolonged consequenc es on his continued leadership of Ohaneze.
      the truth is bitter, but it has to be said because we must continue to
      hold our
      leaders accountable for their actions.

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      [ Please Cross-Post
      Widely ]
      Chieftain To Reconcile WIC
      Here is Link to
      http://www.nigeriam asterweb. com/NigeriaNewsH eadlines. html

      » Ohaneze Chieftain To Reconcile WIC
      [ Ohaneze Chieftain, Chief Uwaechue To Reconcile WIC Factions ]

      Atlanta: President of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Chief Ralph Uwaechue
      Saturday, at the 1st Diaspora Igbo Economic Summit in Atlanta,
      USA said upon return to Nigeria he would work towards the
      of the two warring World Igbo Congress( WIC ) factions. He also
      spoke to
      0 the applause of the floor that Ohaneze would in due course set
      Ohaneze Center and Specialist Hospital in Igbo Land.......
      Here is Link to
      http://www.nigeriam asterweb. com/NigeriaNewsH eadlines. html


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