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Fw: URGENT: Please Save This Life

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  • Sue Buck
    Please help if you can - a polite, but direct correspondence to inform those in authority of what is happening just might save this young brother s life. Thank
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2003
      Please help if you can - a polite, but direct correspondence to inform those in authority of what is happening just might save this young brother's life.
      Thank you,
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      Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2003 2:47 PM
      Subject: URGENT: Please Save This Life

      October 1st, 03          Urgent Call For Action:  
      Young Native American prisoner in danger
      We have received an urgent request for help. William Burke, Native American, is a young brother incarcerated in Montana State Prison.
      His life is in immediate danger. Please read this call for action and contact the prison administration as soon as you can.
      William has an extremely serious mental condition or illness. Instead of receiving the appropriate treatment, he has been medically neglected by the prison and constantly punished in ways that can only make his condition worse.
      He is held in the "hole" for 30 days at a time, released for a little while, just long enough to break the 30 day limit.  Once the prison has complied with the time constraint for maximum time in the "hole", they find another reason to send him back to the "hole" where the cycle starts all over again.  
      William deserves and should receive appropriate treatment, because of his condition. He frequently talks to "people who are not there." Not too long ago, he received surgery to remove a metal razor blade from a body cavity. He has sliced his wrist really deep in an attempt to commit suicide. Why isn't he on the mental health block?
      Instead, he is put on meds and then taken off meds. Despite suicide attempts, he is not on any medication while in the "hole".  He is placed in the "hole" without clothing and antagonized.
      He is continuously sprayed and locked up. As if this were not enough, Unit Manager Kenny Neubauer has been observed antagonizing and teasing this young brother about the voices he hears, insinuating things of a sexual nature.
      He is believed to have been in the hole for about 7 months, with only the short breaks in between each 30 day period.
      It is said that he has once again slashed  his wrists. 
          In MSP there have been 4 attempted suicides, and 3 suicides in about 3 months plus one weeks time.  It seems suicide is rapidly reaching epidemic proportions and attention needs to be given to this immediately to prevent any further such tragedies.   
           Please write, email, call, or fax the administrators listed below:
      [** but do NOT send them this alert or our email address**]
      • Warden, Mike Mahoney: (406) 846-1320, ext. 2200; mmahoney@...
        • Administrative Officer, Cheryl Bolton: (406) 846-1320, ext. 2302; cbolton@...
        • Associate Warden, Myron Beeson: (406) 846-1320, ext. 2454; mbeeson@...
        • Associate Warden, Leonard Mihelich: (406) 846-1320, ext. 2300; lmihelich@...
        • Health Services Bureau Chief, Cathy Redfern: (406) 846-1320, ext. 2448; credfern@...
      • FAX: (406) 846-2950
      • MSP Switchboard: (406) 846-1320, ext. 0
      • Address: 500 Conley Lake Road; Deer Lodge, MT; 59722
      Mr. Bill Slaughter, Director of Corrections
      The Montana Department of Corrections
      1539 11th Avenue, P.O. Box 201301 , Helena MT 59620-1301
      Tel :(406) 444-3930

      Senator Max Baucus: James Corson james_corson@...
      THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT ==========================
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