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    This is happening tomorrow in NY.........from the OREAD DAILY: January 31, 2003 redpoet@swbell.net Volume 2003.17 The Oread Daily is a
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      This is happening tomorrow in NY.........from the OREAD DAILY:

      January 31, 2003 redpoet@...
      Volume 2003.17
      The Oread Daily is a Peoples' Paper and is Responsible Only to the
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      As most serious readers of the OD are aware, I stand firmly in my
      support of crows. With this in mind, you can imagine my horror to
      read that in Auburn, New York (not far from Syracuse) some crow
      haters have organized a weekend crow killing tournament starting
      tomorrow. While most citizens love the birds, unfortunately a few
      individuals in Auburn who despise these animals have organized a
      hideous crow-shooting contest scheduled to take place this Saturday.
      Tom Lennox, an organizer, says, "It'll be fantastic." It is not a new
      idea. A county-wide tournament has been run, somewhat quietly, the
      past three years, out of an Auburn bar. Last year, 160 crow haters
      entered. "Auburn is renowned for its crows," said Jon Van Nest, owner
      of Windy Hill Shooting Supplies and Windy Hill Taxidermy in
      Moravia. "There's no reason we can't get some big names in there and
      turn this into a celebrity shoot. Put Auburn on the map." The crow
      killers had planned to donate proceeds to a local hospice, but
      Hospice of the Fingerlakes said they didn't want the blood money. "We
      want to say thanks, but no thanks," said Terry Kline, director of
      Hospice of the Fingerlakes. "It's just not appropriate." Robert
      Foster, a program director with Citizens Campaign for the Environment
      a statewide environmental advocacy group stated the obvious, "It is
      inappropriate and offensive to make a sporting event out of

      The Mayor of Auburn has expressed strong disdain for the project and
      has directed police this weekend to strictly enforce Auburn's trash
      law, which prohibits hunters from bringing dead birds into city
      limits for disposal. But the nazi like crow haters have arranged
      with four local businesses to take the carcasses, including a mink-
      company owner who will use the dead birds as food for his animals.

      Members of state and national animal-rights groups, including People
      for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and People for Animal Rights,
      plan demonstrations in Auburn this weekend. PETA has been inundated
      with calls, letters, and e-mail from people all over the country
      about the crow-shooting contest in Auburn. "We're going to do our
      best to show our opposition to this thing," said Rita Sarnicola, a
      local animal-rights advocate who owns the Animal Resource Center."
      Although she doesn't know how many activists will be in town,
      Sarnicola said most will come to monitor hunters, to ensure they
      don't kill birds within the city and they don't break laws. They'll
      also be in front of the Orchard Street bar when the dead crows are
      counted. While most of their activities will be at roost sites within
      the city, Sarnicola acknowledged some activists may try to interfere
      with the shoot, although she wouldn't say what those activities might
      entail. Another local animal-rights activist, Steve Johnson, who
      started the Save The Crow Web site, is calling for a boycott of
      Spinouts Tavern and Lennox Tree Service, the businesses owned by
      event organizer's Lance Gummerson and Lennox. "This is a disgusting
      display of environmental ignorance and shameless cruelty to animals,"
      Johnson wrote on his Web site about the crow contest.

      Up to 50,000 crows have been known to winter in the area around
      Auburn (although that number has been cut in half this year due to
      the plague of West Nile Virus which has decimated the crow
      population). Some more humane citizens have suggested Auburn host a
      crow festival, with music and a celebration of all things crow, but
      the idea never got off the ground. Even for those who don't want
      crows around there are certainly others ways to go about it. "There
      are many non-lethal approaches to any human/crow conflicts that may
      arise, making this type of contest completely unnecessary and
      inappropriate," read a letter from the Fund for Animals to the
      sponsors of this murderous event. The Fund recommended humane
      exclusion methods such as auditory alarms and other noisemakers, non-
      carcass effigies, balloons, and pyrotechnics.

      For those who can't make in person, you can still take some action.
      Contact the following sponsors of the crow-killing contest and tell
      them to STOP THE SLAUGHTER! Your calls do matter. One business has
      already pulled out-let's get to the rest! Time is short, so phone
      calls are our last option to save the crows. Please call NOW! (If you
      read this to late, you can still call and tell them they're jerks):

      The Betty Blue 315-497-2077; I called this one - line was busy forever.
      Club 34 315-364-7328; This one the girl that answered thinks it's a great
      Spinouts 315-252-9766; Called this one - woman who answered just works
      there and isn't for it - but she has a job to keep.

      Pour Lance's 315-252-3412 Called this one and the guy who answered is
      someone they hired as an answering service to take the flack I guess. We had
      a nice conversation, but they are still going kill the crows tomorrow and
      the one who kills the most? Gets a prize.

      Sources: WORK-TV (Rochester), Ithica Journal, The Citizen (Auburn),
      Fund for Animals, PETA

      "When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced.
      Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice."

      Cherokee Expression
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