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AUSTRALIA: Arts - Movie 'The Tracker' Scoops Award Pool

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  • Neshoba
    The Sydney Morning Herald (Print Edition) November 1, 2002 Tracker scoops critics award pool Garry Maddox Director Rolf de Heer s The Tracker dominated the
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      The Sydney Morning Herald  (Print Edition)
      November 1, 2002

      Tracker scoops critics' award pool

      Garry Maddox

      Director Rolf de Heer's "The Tracker" dominated the Film Critics Circle
      Awards in Sydney last night. It won four prizes, including that for best
      film, ahead of two other stories dealing with Aboriginal and white
      relations - Rabbit Proof Fence and Australian Rules - and the
      contemporary drama "Walking on Water".

      The star of "The Tracker", David Gulpilil, was named best actor ahead
      of Vice Colosimo (Walking on Water), Guy Pearce (The Hard Word)
      and Nathan Philips (Australian Rules). "The Tracker" also won the best
      score award for Graham Tardif and de Heer and the best
      cinematography award for Ian Jones.

      Phil Noyce was named best director, for "Rabbit-Proof Fence". Maria
      Theodorakis, in her first lead role in a film, was named best acress for
      "Walking on Water", for which Roger Monk won the award for best
      original screenplay.

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