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Assignment of Native Literature Site in Hidalgo, Mexico !

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  • ghwelker
    My web site being taught as a course in Hidalgo, Mexico ! Dear Glenn, Let me tell you that it was a pleasure to visit your website and check the content, so
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 2, 2014
    My web site being taught as a course in Hidalgo, Mexico !

    Dear Glenn,

    Let me tell you that it was a pleasure to visit your website and check the content, so that these are my comments about it:

    Indigenous People Literature Website

    Indigenous people literature site is certainly different with a valuable content, because it has an overview of all the indigenous people of the world, their native languages, art, music, poetry, stories, and inspirational words, at this point let us notice that in those phrases show us the way they are and live in their environments. One the most interesting things of this website are the evidences that we can find about these cultures such as videos, real images, original documents, portraits, as well as many links to continue looking for indigenous sites.

    On the other hand I would like to include this important educational online recourse in my English teaching, not only to spread this site and avoid forgetting these essential indigenous people, but also my students have the opportunity to learn more about these cultures through different learning activities in order to improve their English skills.

    Finally, I conclude by recognizing the Glenn Welker´s work with this treasure site about the native indigenous people literature, and we have to be aware about the importance of those cultures.

    Sara Gomez Mejia

  • ghwelker
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    • ghwelker
      Since you signed the petition on Change.org against the U.S. military’s proposal to use Pagan Island for “live fire-training,” which includes everything
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        Since you signed the petition on Change.org against the U.S. military’s proposal to use Pagan Island for “live fire-training,” which includes everything from artillery to bombing, the campaign has taken root, and we think you will be heartened by the international response, as well as the growing determination of the native people of the region to defeat the U.S. military’s plans. However, more is needed to expand and strengthen this campaign. For this reason we’re renewing our appeal to you to reach many more organizations and individuals to expand and strengthen the campaign even further. 

        Here is some of what has been accomplished so far. 

        5,906 people signed the Save Pagan Island petition that originated on our website

        Sierra Club’s national newsletter, “The Planet”, created a petition and carried an article on the Save Pagan Island Campaign


        close to 10,000 people signed this petition. 

        Roots Action sent an appeal to its contacts to send letters to President Obama as well as their Senators and Representatives. 


        27,842 people responded, and 113,800 messages were sent.

        Care2 created a petition, which gathered 72,914 signatories. They, like Roots Action, linked their appeal to our website for more information.

        More than 120,000 people have signed petitions and written letters to Save Pagan Island from being destroyed by military activities – an island that before this campaign was known to very few people. Your action, and the action of thousands of others, has given heart to the Chamorro people in this isolated region and has strengthened their determination to fight the military’s plans. As a result, regional newspapers are regularly carrying articles on the Save Pagan Island Campaign, public government officials are speaking out against the military’s plans, and a new website generated by native Chamorro people includes moving testimony against the military’s plans to destroy yet another island (http://www.chamorro.com). News of these efforts is added regularly to our website:


        We are appealing to you to expand this campaign even further. Send links to our website (http://savepaganisland.org/) via Facebook and Twitter and urge people to sign the petition. Introduce the campaign to organizations that should be vocal (especially those relating to conservation, the rights of indigenous peoples, and opposition to military expansion). The future of the environment and the people of the Pacific depend on your actions. 

        The U.S. military’s effort to take Pagan Island for “live fire training” is but one part of the U.S. military’s “pivot to the Pacific,” which projects that 60% of all U.S. military assets will be shifted to Pacific Island regions. As a result, new bases, military training areas, bombing sites, missile bases, and port facilities are being built. This build-up is wreaking havoc on the environment of fragile Pacific Islands, reefs, and ocean life, as well as the communities of people who live on these islands and depend on the land and ocean to sustain them. 

        The people of Okinawa and Jeju Island have mounted major campaigns against the expansion of military bases on their islands, and have gathered the support of thousands of organizations and millions of individuals worldwide. This support is making a real difference and is an example of the kind of campaign that is needed to defeat the U. S. military’s plans to destroy Pagan Island. 

        It is only the combined efforts and determination of the people living on each of these relatively isolated and distant islands, accompanied and strengthened by the support of people like you world-wide, that can save these islands from certain environmental and cultural destruction. We urge you join in our efforts to make the Save Pagan Island campaign “go viral.”
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