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"The Cahuilla Creation Story"

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  • ghwelker
    http://www.augustinetribe.org/ In the beginning there was darkness. From this darkness two twin gods came into being, Mukat and Témayawet . Both argued
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      In the beginning there was darkness. From this darkness two twin gods came into being, Mukat and Témayawet. Both argued constantly over who was born first. They soon created the earth, the oceans and the sky. Afterwards Témayawet asked what they were to do next. Mukat responded that the question confirmed that it was he, Mukat, who was the eldest of the two, for he knew the answer.

      Mukat said it was now time to create humans to rule over the earth and its creatures. Being competitive, Témayawet carried out his work very hastily and without much care. Mukat, on the other hand, took his time and worked carefully. When both were done they could not see their creations for darkness still covered the earth. The sun, stars and moon were created to illuminate the earth in both day and night.

      Seeing his creation in the light Témayawet became ashamed. His creations were disfigured and unappealing to the eye. Mukat's, however, were attractive and perfect in every way. In fact, they appeared similar in form to how humans appear to this very day. Témayawet, embarrassed by what he had created, took his people and fled to the underground.

      Mukat's people where from then on referred to as "Cahuilla." Mukat, needing assistance to care for his people, called upon the Moon Maiden for assistance. Man-el, as the Moon Maiden was called, agreed. Man-el was very beautiful, and very caring. She soon set off to teach the Cahuilla People the ways of life. She taught them how to sing and dance, how to play games and how to hunt and gather plants for both food and medicine. Oh how the Cahuilla People loved Man-el!

      One night, however, as Man-el was resting by a stream, Mukat approached her. Man-el could see in his eyes that Mukat was in love with her. She became frightened. She knew then that she must leave. That very night, without saying goodbye to the Cahuilla People whom she loved so much, she left. In the morning when the people awoke, they discovered that she had gone. They were very sad to have lost their loving friend and teacher.

      By then the people had grown very upset with Mukat. It was he who had allowed death to befall the people so the world would not become overcrowded. It was he who had provided Rattlesnake with poison so he could strike and kill the people. It was also he who had provided his people with bows and arrows to use to kill one another. Now, it was Mukat who had driven the beloved Man-el away forever.

      The people gathered in secrecy and agreed that Mukat had to die. They asked Bear and Mountain Lion to kill Mukat, but they refused. They then decided that it was Frog, who had the power to bewitch, who must carry out the act. One evening, as Mukat rested, he touched Frog and soon was overcome with a deadly illness. One by one the creatures Mukat had created and had asked for assistance, betrayed and deserted him.

      Realizing that he would soon die, Mukat began to sing the sacred song in prayer so that upon his death he would be allowed to enter the spirit world where there is no more sickness or sorrow, and life goes on forever. This place, according to Cahuilla legend, is known as "Telmekish."

      After Mukat's death, the people burned Mukat's body and his ashes were scattered throughout the land. It is from those ashes that all food plants grow today.

    • ghwelker
      http://www.shoshoneindian.com/legend_002.htm No one can remember any more exactly how it came about that the black bear Wakini overpowered the strong grey
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        No one can remember any more exactly how it came about that the black bear Wakini overpowered the strong grey grizzly Wakinu. The black bears say that Wakini was just feeding on the contents of an ant hill when Wakinu came up to him and quite rudely stuck his paw in as well.

        A great fight ensued, with grey and black hairs flying on every side. Wakini was, of course, in the right, for no animal may ever touch another's prey.

        Wakinu thus received a just punishment; but that was by no means all - like a defeated warrior, he had to leave his tribe forever.

        Wakinu wailed and lamented, but the Indian laws are inexorable. And so he had to go, wading through familiar streams, taking a last look at the familiar pines, and saying farewell to the valley he had lived in all of his life.

        He could not see for tears, and so he failed to notice that he was making straight for the Snow Country. Suddenly he fell into a deep snowdrift. Clambering out with difficulty, he wiped his eyes and took a look round.

        There was nothing but white, unblemished snow everywhere.

        "I'm sure to find a trail soon," the bear said to himself, and set out on his way once more. His grey coat had turned completely white with the snow, ice, and bitter wind.

        But Wakinu took no notice of anything and walked on and on, until he reached a strange land in which a deep, frosty night reigned supreme. Somewhere in the far distance the gale could still be heard, yet here there was no but that made by his own footfalls on the frozen snow.

        Above him glowed the night sky, while not far away, on the very fringe of the Snow Country and the heavens, a broad white trail could be seen ascending the sky.

        Wakinu ran, hardly touching the ground, mesmerized by that gleaming trail. Another leap, and he found himself in the air, shaking the snow from his coat; light as a feather, he soared up and up.

        The animals who were awake that night saw, for the first time, a wide white trail in the sky, and on it - a grey bear.

        "Wakinu has found the Bridge of the Dead Souls and is on his way to the Eternal Hunting-grounds," said the wise black bear Wakini.

        And the grizzly really did go to the Eternal Hunting-grounds. The only thing he left behind was the snow he had shaken from his coat. And that white snow is there in the sky to this day. Just look and see!

        The pale-faces speak about the Milky Way, but every Indian knows that that is the way to the Eternal Hunting-grounds, the path taken by the grey grizzly Wakinu.
      • ghwelker
        http://www.sioux.org/index.php/main/inner/sioux/community_business Medical Care and Facilities Four Bands Community Fund Businesses and Services Listing
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          Medical Care and Facilities
          Four Bands Community Fund
             Businesses and Services Listing

          Presentation College-Lakota Campus

          Cheyenne River Chamber of Commerce

          Native Discovery With Cheyenne Reservation only

          Tribal Ventures


          Business Name:

          1st Financial Bank

          PO Box 98 / 101 E. Main St. 
          Dupree, SD 57623
          Hours: 9 am - 3 pm, Mon., Tues., Wed., and Fri; 9 am - 5:30 pm, Thurs.
          Phone: 605-365-5191
          | Back to List |

          A Touch of Therapy

          Contact: Margaret O’Leary
          Hours: By appointment only
          Phone: 605-964-8480 or 605-222-1167 (cell)
          Email:  pispiza@...
          Business Type: message
          Services: lymph drainage
          | Back to List |

          Aberle & Aberle Attorneys

          Contact: Steve Aberle
          PO Box 236
          Timber Lake, SD 57656
          Hours: 8 am - 5 pm, Mon.- Fri.
          Phone: 605-865-3528
          Business Type:  Attorney, legal services
          Services: General Legal Services
          | Back to List |

          Aberle Construction, Inc.

          Contact: Pat Aberle
          PO Box 521
          Eagle Butte, SD 57625
          Hours: 7am - 5:30 pm, Mon. - Fri.
          Phone: 605-200-0666
          Business Type: Construction
          Services: Concrete, Sand and Gravel
          | Back to List |

          ABJ Feeds

          Contact: AJ Starr
          Box 516
          Dupree, South Dakota 57623
          Hours: 7 am - 7 pm, Mon. - Sat.
          Phone: (605) 739-5771 or (605) 515-0106
          Business Type: agricultural, feed supplement
          Services: Sweet Pro- horse and cattle feed
          | Back to List |

          Air Kraft Spraying

          Contact: Jake Kraft
          PO Box 71
          Timberlake, South Dakota 57656
          Hours: vary, call for information
          Phone: (605) 865-3500
          Business Type: agricultural, weed control
          Services: aerial crop spraying
          | Back to List |

          All That Glitters, etc. 

          Contact: Jamie Farlee, Owner
          Hours: Vary, call for information
          Phone: (605) 964-2790 or 605-200-0053 (cell)
          Email:  jcfarlee@...
          Business Type: fashion accessories, jewlery
          Services: Offers home shows featuring handbags, jewelry and accessories. Call to set up an appointment.
          | Back to List |

          Anderson Construction

          Contact: Valle Ra Anderson
          PO Box 335
          Eagle Butte, SD 57625
          Hours: Vary, call for information
          Phone: 605-964-7645 or 605-964-6717
          Services: dirt construction such as building site foundations, dams, etc.
          | Back to List |


          Annie’s Catering

          Contact: Ann Walker
          HCR 30 -Box 10
          Mobridge, SD 57601
          Hours: weekends and summer, call for information
          Phone: 605-733-2491
          Business Type: Catering
          Services: catering meals, conventions, parties, etc.
          | Back to List |

          Apple Tee Cottage

          Contact: Nyla Opp
          811 E. St. 
          Timber Lake, South Dakota 57626
          Hours: 8 am - 4 pm, Mon. - Sat.
          Phone: (605) 865-3621
          Business Type: gifts and handcrafted items
          Services: handcrafted gift items, decorations, baby gifts, coffee shop and serves lunches
          | Back to List |


          Ash Creek Taxidermy

          HCR 73 Box 9
          Dupree, South Dakota 57623
          Hours: Vary, call for information
          Phone: 605-365-5458
          Services: Taxidermy services
          | Back to List |

          B&K Storage

          HC 73 Box 9
          Dupree, SD 57623
          Hours: Vary, call for information
          Phone: 605-365-5458
          Services: storage buildings
          | Back to List |

          Bad Warrior Management Services

          Contact: Dugan Bad Warrior
          Box 1546
          Eagle Butte, SD
          Hours: 8am - 5pm Mon-Fri
          Phone: 605-200-1795
          Business Type: Construction
          Services: Contruction Management / Consulting
          | Back to List |

          Biegler Equipment/NAPA

          Contact: Bart Biegler
          1010 N. Main St.
          Timber Lake, South Dakota 57656
          Hours: 7 am - 6 pm Mon. - Fri; 7 am - 4 pm Sat.
          Phone: 605-865-3505 or 605-865-3507
          Business Type: automotive repair and parts
          Services: parts, truck and car tire repair and sales, field work
          | Back to List |

          Bogue & Bogue Law Office

          Contact: Cheryl bogue
          Box 400
          Dupree, SD
          Hours:  8am - 5pm, Mon. - Fri.
          Phone: 605-365-5171
          Business Type: Attorney
          Services: legal advice; travel, criminal, IRS, estate planning
          | Back to List |

          Bollinger Trucking

          Contact: Tim Bollinger
          HCR 64 Box 176
          Timber Lake, SD
          Hours: anytime, call to make arrangements
          Phone: 605-865-3586 Shop: 605-845-6038
          Business Type: Trucking
          Services: hauling cattle, grain, hay, rock and corn
          | Back to List |

          Bones From the Prairie

          Contact: Mary Lu Griffith
          Box 75
          Dupree, SD 57623
          Hours: 8 am - 6 pm, Mon. - Fri.
          Phone: 605-365-5227
          Business Type:  Art, custom made jewelry
          Services: custom made jewelry and woodworking
          | Back to List |

          Bonnie’s Quilting Boutique

          Contact: Bonnie LeBeau
          PO Box 1602 / 300 East Frontier St.
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Hours: Vary
          Phone: 605-964-7642
          Business Type: Quilting
          Services: Custom machine-stitch quilting
          | Back to List |

          Buffalo Run Tipi Village

          Contact: Les Ducheneaux
          Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
          Phone: 605-733-2547
          Fax: 605-733-2585
          Website:  http://buffaloruntipivillage.com
          Email:  smokestwice@...
          Business Type: Lodging, Camping, Tourism (summer time only)
          Services: weddings, reunions, retreats, funerals, ceremonies, powwows, meetings, conferences, Governmental organizations, non-profit entities, private businesses and affiliated groups will all be welcome. Reasonable rates and an unmatched experience await those who choose to stay with us.
          | Back to List |

          Bunkhouse Inn

          Contact: Margaret Lindskov
          608 Main St. 
          Isabel, South Dakota 57633
          Hours: Open year round, call for reservations
          Phone: 466-2666/ 466-2112/ 466-2354
          Email:  bunkhouseinn@...
          Business Type: accommodations
          | Back to List |

          Busted Wire Fencing

          Contact: Jackie Elder
          HCR 64 Box 182
          Timber Lake, SD 57656
          Hours: Seasonal, call for information
          Phone: (605) 865-3524
          Fax: (605) 865-3524
          Services: Custom fencing
          | Back to List |

          C Hawk Enterprise

          Contact: Curtis Chasing Hawk
          920 Jefferson NE
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota
          Hours: 8 am - 5 pm, Mon. - Fri.
          Phone: 605-964-2207 or 605-200-9035 (cell)
          Business Type: House re-modeling
          Services: Home maintanence, repair, and remodeling
          | Back to List |

          Central Dakota Feed & Seed

          Contact: Jake Kraft
          PO Box 71
          Timberlake, South Dakota
          Hours: 8 am - 5 pm Mon - Fri
          Phone: (605) 865-3611
          Business Type: Elevator
          Services: Livestock Feed
          | Back to List |

          Charlies Garden Sculptures

          Contact: Charlie Frost
          PO Box 398
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Hours: Evening 5 pm - 8 pm
          Phone: 605-964-4585 or 200-0767 (cell)
          Business Type: Yard and Garden
          Services: Bird Houses, Planter, Benches
          | Back to List |

          Cherry Creek Tire Company

          Contact: Nathan Mosher
          PO Box 156
          Cherry Creek, South Dakota 57622
          Hours: 9 am- 5:30 pm, Mon. - Fri.; 10 am - 3 pm, Sat.; closed Sun
          Phone: 605-538-4482
          Fax: 605-538-4313
          Email:  natemose@...
          Services: tire service including new and used tires, tire mounting and balancing, minor mechanic service
          | Back to List |

          Cheyenne River Archaeological Services

          Contact: Ray Pysarsky
          PO Box 295
          Timber Lake, South Dakota
          Hours: Open
          Phone: (605) 865-3357
          Email:  pysarsky@...
          Business Type: Consultation
          Services: Archaeological consultation, compliance & Review Surveys
          | Back to List |

          Cheyenne River Elderly Nutrrition Center

          Contact: Iyonne Garreau
          101 Lincoln E.
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Hours: 8 am - 5 pm, Mon.- Fri.
          Phone: 605-965-8056
          Fax: 605-964-8057
          Email:  crensgirl@...
          Business Type: lunch service for lderly tribal members and handicapped persons
          Services: serves reduced-priced lunches to elderly tribal members and handicapped persons. Cost $.75 for elderly (65 and up) and their spouce. $3.00 for youth. Delivery abailable to some outlying communities. Pick-up service available for handicap persons.
          | Back to List |

          Cheyenne River Gas Company

          Contact: Allen Ducheneaux
          PO Box 810 / 311 S. Main St.
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Hours: 8 am - 5 pm, Mon. - Fri.
          Phone: 605-964-3307
          Fax: 605-964-1080
          Email:  aducheneaux@...
          Business Type: retail propane supplier
          Services: Sells and delivers propane, serves locals and tourists, fills residential propane tanks, will refill 20 lb or larger clylinders, sells smaller cylinders
          | Back to List |

          Cheyenne River Motel

          Contact: LuAnne Bruguier, Manager
          PO Box 180 / S. Hwy 212
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Hours: Front desk is always open, business office open 8 am- 5 pm, Mon. - Fri.
          Phone: (605) 964-8888
          Fax: (605) 964-8880
          Business Type: accommodations, motel
          Services: motel with mail delivery to room, fac service, and a conference room, complimentary coffee and continental breakfast
          | Back to List |

          Cheyenne River Ranch

          Contact: Jerry Farlee
          PO Box 850
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Phone: (605) 964-2333 or (605) 365-6599
          Website:  www.cheyenneriveroutfitters.com
          Email:  lakotaway@...
          Business Type: accommodations, tipi stays, hunting
          Services: buffalo tours, horseback riding, canoeing, buffal hunts, wildlife viewing
          | Back to List |

          Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Ventures

          Contact: Eileen Briggs, Executive Director
          PO Box 1683
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Phone: 605-964-2016
          Fax: 605-964-2017
          Email:  ebriggs@...
          Business Type: non-profit, community resource
          Services: provides financial and technical assistance to residents of the Cheyenne River Reservatin for the purpose of poverty reduction
          | Back to List |

          Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Fitness Center

          Contact: Dustin Gunville
          Hwy 212
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota
          Hours: 6 am - 6;30 pm, Mon. - Fri. (Summer hours)
          Phone: 605-964-6190
          Fax: 605-964-4190
          Business Type: tribally-operated non-profit fitness center
          Services: free weights, cardio machines, and stretch machines
          | Back to List |

          Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Game, Fish & Parks Department

          Contact: Narcisse D. Rousseau, Director or Denelle High Elk
          PO Box 590 / Hwy 212
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Phone: 605-964-7812
          Fax: 605-964-7811
          Website:  www.crstgfp.com
          Email:  dhighelk@...
          Business Type: Tribal Game, Fish and Parks and Tourism Office
          Services: Manages all of teh wildlife, fisheries, and recreational resources on all trust lands within the boundaries of the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation
          | Back to List |

          Cheynne River Ranch

          Contact: Jerry Farlee
          PO Box 850
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Phone: 605-964-2333 or 605-365-6599
          Website:  www.cheyenneriveroutfitters.com
          Email:  lakotaway@...
          Business Type: Accommodations, tipi ways, hunting
          Services: buffalo tours, horseback riding, canoeing, buffalo hunts, wildlife viewing
          | Back to List |


          City of Dupree

          Contact: Robyn Dupree
          PO Box 276
          Dupree, SD 57623
          Phone: 605-365-5181
          Fax: 605-365-5181
          Website:  www.dupreesd.com
          | Back to List |

          City of Eagle Butte

          Contact: Sheila Ganje
          PO Box 150 209 Main St. 
          Eagle Butte, SD 57625
          Phone: 605-964-8783
          Fax: 605-694-8785
          Website:  www.eaglebuttesd.com
          Email:  cityofeb@...
          | Back to List |

          City of Isabel

          Contact: Rita Frank
          PO Box 268 / 108 E. Kansas St. 
          Isabel, SD 57633
          Phone: 605-466-2177
          Fax: 605-466-2177
          Email:  isabeltown@...
          | Back to List |

          City of Timber Lake

          Contact: Grady Kraft
          PO Box 431 / 700 Main St. 
          Timber Lake, SD 57656
          Phone: 605-865-3790
          Fax: 605-865-3168
          Email:  tlc01@...
          | Back to List |

          Cody Eaton Trucking

          Contact: Cody Eaton
          PO Box 5
          Dupree, SD 57623
          Hours: Vary, call for information
          Phone: 605-365-5347
          Services: hot mix hauling, cattle, gravel.
          | Back to List |

          Collins One Stop

          Contact: Terry and Janet Collins
          PO Box 1244 / Towerhill Rd.
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Hours: 9 am - 6 pm, Mon. - Sat.; closed on Sun.
          Phone: 605-964-6134 or 605-200-0365
          Email:  teejaecee@...
          Services: mechanic service, towing and welding
          | Back to List |

          Country Market

          Contact: John Linderman
          412 9th
          Timber Lake, SD
          Hours: 7am- 6pm Mon-Sat
          Phone: 605-865-3606
          Business Type: Grocery store
          Services: Groceries, Cards, Balloons
          | Back to List |

          CRST Telephone Authority

          Contact: JD Williams, General Manager
          PO Box 810
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Phone: 605-964-2600
          Fax: 605-964-1000
          Website:  www.crstta.org
          Email:  info@...
          Services: telephone, internet, television, gas sales and service of individuals living on the Cheyenne River Reservation
          | Back to List |

          D & D Bait and Tackle Shop ( D & D Plumbing & Heating, Inc.)

          Contact: Gerald Davidson
          PO Box 1398 / 216 Main St. 
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Hours: 8 am - 5 pm, Mon. - Fri.
          Phone: 605-964-7000
          Business Type: plumbing and heating installation and repair
          Services: residential and commercial pumbing and heating installation and repair
          | Back to List |

          D & D Plumbig & Heating, Inc.

          Contact: Gerald Davidson
          PO Box 1398 / 216 Main St.
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Hours: 8 am - 5 pm, Mon. - Fri. 
          Phone: 605-964-7000
          Business Type: plumbing and heating installation and repair
          Services: residential and commercial plumbing and heating installation and repair
          | Back to List |

          D & K Ag Service

          Contact: Donald and Kimberly McDaniel
          1 Aireport Road
          Lantry, South Dakota 57636
          Phone: (605) 964-6624 or cell (605) 365-7315
          Business Type: Ag Commercial Spraying
          Services: chemical crop protection
          | Back to List |

          D & R Propane

          Contact: Dave or Richard Neigel
          PO Box 581 / W. Hwy 212
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Hours: 8 am - 5 pm, Mon. - Fri.
          Phone: 605-964-4508
          Fax: 605-964-4508
          Business Type: propane and propane accessories dealer
          Services: sells and delivers propane, fills cylinders, sells propane appliances and hook-up equipment, leases tanks, services RVs and homes
          | Back to List |


          Dakota Club Library

          Contact: Karen Garber
          219 South Main St. 
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota
          Hours: 11 am - 5 pm, Mon. - Fri. 
          Phone: 605-964-7662
          Fax: 605-964-7662
          Business Type: nonprofit education resource center
          Services: book check out, video viewing, internet access, newspaper and magazine reading
          | Back to List |

          Dakota Plains Legal Services

          Contact: Sara Ward or Pat Donovan
          PO Box 500
          Eagle Butte, SD 57625
          Hours: 8:30 am - 5 pm, Mon.- Fri. 
          Phone: 605-964-2175
          Business Type: Attorney
          Services: Legal Services
          | Back to List |

          Dakota Round-up Restaurant and Lounge

          Contact: Chuck or Ranae Hack
          901 Main St. 
          Timber Lake, South Dakota 57656
          Hours: 6 am - 9 pm, Mon. - Thur., 6 am - 10 pm, Fri. - Sat.
          Phone: (605) 865-3351
          Business Type: Dining, restaurant and lounge
          Services: catering, retaurant, lounge
          | Back to List |

          Dakota Silk Screen, Embroidery & Awards

          Contact: Ann Crance
          PO Box 331
          Timber Lake, South Dakota 57626
          Hours: 9 am - 5 pm, Mon-Fri; 10-3, Sat.
          Phone: 605-865-3266
          Business Type: Apparel, Embroidery, Awards
          Services: clothing, embroidery, silk screen, trophies and plaques
          | Back to List |


          Day Care

          Contact: Darla Shupick
          PO Box 1745 / Hwy 212 and Willow St.
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Hours: 7:30 am - 5 pm, Mon. - Fri.
          Phone: 964-6252
          Services: learning center for ages 3-5, pre-kindergarden skills
          | Back to List |


          Delia Hale Star Quilts

          Contact: Delia Hale gray house W.of Cherry Creek post offic
          PO Box 233
          Cherry Creek, SD 57622
          Hours: Please call to order.
          Phone: 605-538-4357
          Business Type: custom made quilts
          Services: custom made quilts by order only (no pre-made quilts available)
          | Back to List |

          Denton Construction

          Contact: Galen Denton
          PO Box 315, 
          Dupree SD
          Hours: 8 am -5 pm, Mon. - Fri.
          Phone: 605-365-5264
          Business Type: Type: Construction, building and remodeling
          Services: remodels homes, constructs garages, etc.
          | Back to List |

          Double A Outfitters, LLC

          Contact: Lyle Anderson
          PO Box 111
          White Horse, South Dakota 57661
          Hours: vary, call for reservations
          Phone: 733-2223
          Business Type: accommodations, hunting rand and lodge
          | Back to List |

          DQ Grill and Chill

          Contact: Lonnie Heier
          PO Box 510 / Hwy 212
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Hours: 8:30 am - 10 pm, 7 days a week
          Phone: (605) 964-1150
          Fax: (605) 964-1151
          Business Type: fast food restaurant
          Services: breakfast sandwiches, burgers, chicken, fish sandwiches, ice cream products and specialty cakes, can schedule birthday parties
          | Back to List |

          Drain Busters, Inc.

          Contact: Bill Phillips
          PO Box 164
          Trill City, South Dakota 57657
          Hours: 9 am - 5 pm, Mon. - Fri. 
          Phone: 605-845-7626
          Business Type: heating and cooling
          Services: heating, cooling, commercial refrigeration
          | Back to List |

          Dupree Oil Company

          Contact: Dave Thomas and Pam Henderson
          HC 83 Box 100
          Dupree, South Dakota 57623
          Hours: 7 am - 5 pm, Mon. - Fri.; 7 am - 2 pm, Sat. (times may vary on Sat.
          Phone: 605-365-5217 or 605-365-5360
          Fax: 605-365-5360
          Services: sells bulk petroleum and gravel
          | Back to List |


          Dupree Senior Citizen Center

          Contact: Carmen Russell
          PO Box 113
          Dupree, South Dakota 57623
          Hours: 10 am - 5 pm, Mon. - Fri.
          Phone: 605-365-5368
          Business Type: Senior Citizen Center
          Services: Reduced Meal Program
          | Back to List |

          Eagle Butte Coop

          Contact: Kristi Fischer
          PO Box 370 / Hwy 212
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Hours: 6 am - 9 pm, Mon. -  Sat.; 7 am - 5 pm, Sun. 
          Phone: 605-964-2226
          Fax: 605-964-2220
          Website:  eaglebuttecoop.com
          Email:  ebcoop@...
          Business Type: conveniece store, auto shop and feed/fertilizer
          Services: service station (gas), conveniece store (chips, snacks, newspapers, fast food etc) and auto shop, repairs, tires, elevator with feed for sale, seed and chemical fertilizer Delivery service available for gas, feed, and seed.
          | Back to List |

          Eagle Butte Lodge

          Contact: Aldina Moran
          PO B 764
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Hours: 8 am - 6 pm, Mon. - Fri.
          Phone: (605)964-3677
          Business Type: boarding house
          Services: provides rooms
          | Back to List |

          Eagle Butte NAPA

          Contact: Curt Neumiller
          PO Box 544 /  Hwy 212 & Main St.
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Hours: 8 am - 6 pm, Mon. - Fri.; 8 am - noon, Sat.
          Phone: 605-964-4686
          Fax: 605-964-4687
          Services: provided, auto parts store
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          Eagle Butte Package Liquor

          Contact: Buddy Colombe II
          Homestead Ave. 
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Hours: 11 am - 11 pm, Mon. - Thurs.; 11 am - midnight, Fri. and Sat.; closed Sun.
          Phone: 605-964-3647
          Business Type: off-sale liquor store
          Services: alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, and snacks
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          Eagle Butte Plumbing & Heating

          Contact: Carrie Becker
          PO Box 653 / 336 Maple St. 
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Hours: 8 am - 5 pm, Mon. - Fri.
          Phone: 605-964-3162
          Fax: 605-964-3162
          Business Type: plumbing, heating, and air conditioning repair and backhoe trenching
          Services: plumbing, heating, and air conditioning repair, parts, sewer camera and backhoe trenching service
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          Eagle Butte Saddle Shop

          Contact: John Bachman
          PO Box 746 / 111 S. Main St.
          Eagle Butte, South Dakota 57625
          Hours: 9 am - 6 pm, Mon. - Fri. 
          Phone: 605-964-8138
          Business Type: boot and saddle repair
          Services: western tack repair, saddle repair, and horse riding gear and goods
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          EAGLE BUTTE, Eagle Stop/Taco John’s

          Contact: Elaine Neigel
          Hwy 212
          Eagle Butte, SD 57625
          Hours: Eagle Stop, open 24 hours a day; Taco John’s, 10 am - 10 pm
          Phone: 605-964-8146
          Fax: 605-964-8146
          Email:  eaglestop@...
          Business Type: convenience store/gas and mexican fast food
          Services: Eagle Stop, gas, food, snacks, ice, coffee, soda drinks, phone cards, newspapers and magazines Taco John’s, mexican fast food, beverages
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          Eagle Storage

          Contact: Jeremy Schad
          PO Box 75 / Hwy 212
          Lantry, SD 57636
          Hours: Vary, call for information
          Phone: 605-365-7228
          Website:  www.eaglestorage.org
          Email:  eaglestorageLLC@...
          Services: storage buildings
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          Eva’s Hair & Nails

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        • ghwelker
          https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_unrecognized_tribes_in_the_United_States Alabama [ edit ] • Cherokee Nation of Alabama. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] Letter of Intent to
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            • Cherokee Nation of Alabama.[2][3] Letter of Intent to Petition 02/16/1999.[4]
            • Cherokee River Indian Community.[2] Letter of Intent to Petition 08/03/2000.[4] Receipt of Petition 08/03/2000.[5]
            • Chickamauga Cherokee of Alabama.[2]
            • Chickmaka Band of the South Cumberland Plateau.[2]
            • Coweta Creek Tribe. Letter of Intent to Petition 2/12/2003.[4]
            • Eagle Bear Band of Free Cherokees.[2][6][7][8]
            • The Langley Band of the Chickamogee Cherokee Indians of the Southeastern United States, aka Langley Band of Chickamogee of Cherokee Indians.[2][3][6][7][8] Letter of Intent to Petition 04/20/1994; Postal service certified letter returned 11/5/1997.[4]
            • Phoenician Cherokee II - Eagle Tribe of Sequoyah.[2] Letter of Intent to Petition 09/18/2001.[4]
            • Principal Creek Indian Nation East of the Mississippi.[2][3][6][7][8] Letter of Intent to Petition 11/09/1971. Declined to Acknowledge 06/10/1985 50 FR 14302; certified letter returned "not known" 10/1997.[4]
            • Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe, Inc. of Florida.[2] Also in Florida.


            • Chilkoot Kaagwaantaan Clan.[3] Letter of Intent to Petition 4/22/1997.[4]
            • Five Landless Alaska Tlingit communities. These Tlingit communities were omitted from the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act and received neither land nor subsistence rights under the Act.[9]
            • Katalla-Chilkat Tlingit Tribe of Alaska.[3] Letter of Intent to Petition 02/02/1995; certified letter returned by P.O. 10/1997.[4]
            • Knugank. Letter of Intent to Petition 1/7/1999.[4]
            • Qutekcak Native Tribe. Letter of Intent to Petition 2/13/2002.[4] Receipt of Petition 2/13/2002.[10]
            • Tsimshian Tribal Council.[3][7] Letter of Intent to Petition 07/02/1978.[4] This may be a splinter group off of Metlakatla Indian Community ofAnnette Island Reserve, a Federally-recognized Native Alaskan Village.


            • American Cherokee Confederacy.[2]
            • Arizona Cherokee Pioneers.[2]
            • Barrio Pascua - a village of Yaqui on the Arizona-Mexico border region.[6][7][8][11]
            • The United Cherokee Nation (UCN) – Western National Office.[2][12] Also in Georgia.
              • supposed Clans organized in these areas, often calling themselves as "Cherokee Nation of ....": Alabama, Alaska, Alberta, Arizona (Georgia, Nevada), Arkansas, California, Colorado (New Mexico, Utah), Connecticut, Cyprus, Delaware, Florida,[13] Hawaii, Idaho (Montana), Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana (Mississippi), Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri (Kansas), Nebraska (Iowa), New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin (Illinois (Chicago and Metropolis branches), Minnesota) and Wyoming.


            Nearly all the unrecognized tribes in Arkansas have been accused as "Suspected Fraudulent Organizations" by the American Indian Heritage Support Center.

            • Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee.[2]
            • Arkansas Band of Western Cherokee (formerly Western Arkansas Cherokee Tribe).[2][3] Letter of Intent to Petition 04/07/1998.[4]
            • Arkansas Cherokee (also known as Chickamauga Cherokee of Arkansas).[2] Letter of Intent to Petition 03/21/2008.[4]
            • Arkansas Cherokee Nation.[2]
            • Arkansas White River Cherokee (also in Florida).[2]
            • Central Tribal Council.[2] Letter of Intent to Petition 01/21/2003.[4] Receipt of Petition 01/21/2003.[10]
            • Cherokee Nation West of Missouri and Arkansas (formerly Cherokee Nation West or Southern Band of the Eastern Cherokee Indians of Arkansas and Missouri).[2] Letter of Intent to Petition 5/11/1998.[4] Also in Missouri.
            • Cherokee-Choctaw Nation of St. Francis and Black Rivers.[2] Letter of Intent to Petition 08/01/2006.[4]
            • Confederated Western Cherokees of Arkansas.[2]
            • Lost Cherokee of Arkansas and Missouri.[2][3] Letter of Intent to Petition 02/10/1999; letter returned, marked “in dispute” between two different addresses.[4] website
              • Lost Cherokee of Arkansas and Missouri (I).[2] Faction in Conway, AR.
              • Lost Cherokee of Arkansas and Missouri (II).[2] Faction in Dover, AR.
            • Neches Tribe – Cherokee Nation.[2]
            • Northern Cherokee Nation. Dissoved into three groups:
              • Chickamauga Cherokee Nation (I),[2][8][14] also known as Chickamauga Cherokee Nation MO/AR White River Band and as White River Band of Northern Cherokee Nation of Missouri and Arkansas.[14] Also in Missouri and Oklahoma. There is also a Chickamauga Cherokee Nation White River Band (II) in Oklahoma.
              • Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory.[2] Letter of Intent to Petition 2/19/1992.[6][7][8] Also in Missouri.
                • Kanasas (Awi Akta) District of NCNOLT.[2]
                • Oklahoma (Ani Tsi Na) District of the NCNOLT.[2]
              • Northern Cherokee Tribe of Indians of Missouri and Arkansas.[2][6][7][8] Letter of Intent to Petition 07/26/1985.[4] Also in Missouri.
            • Old Settler Cherokee Nation of Arkansas.[2] Letter of Intent to Petition 9/17/1999.[4]
            • Ozark Mountain Cherokee Tribe of Arkansas and Missouri. Letter of Intent to Petition 10/19/1999.[4] Receipt of Petition 10/19/1999.[5] Also in Missouri.
            • Red Nation of the Cherokee.[2] Also in Kansas.
            • Revived Ouachita Indians of Arkansas and America.[3][7][8] Letter of Intent to Petition 04/25/1990.[4]
            • Sac River and White River Bands of the Chickamauga-Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri Inc. (formerly Northern Chickamauga Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri).[2][8][15] Letter of Intent to Petition 09/05/1991.[4] Also in Missouri.
            • Western Cherokee of Arkansas and Louisiana Territories.[2] Letter of Intent to Petition 10/05/2001.[4] Also in Missouri.
            • Western Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri.[2][3] Letter of Intent to Petition 05/01/1998.[4] Also in Missouri.


            • Alexander Valley Mishewal Wappo[8]
            • Amah Mutsun Band of Ohlone/Costanoan Indians (formerly Amah Band of Ohlone/Costanoan Indians).[8] Letter of Intent to Petition 09/18/1990.[3][4][6][7]
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            By Brenda Norrell Censored News http://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com The most censored issues five years ago remain the most censored issues today. The issues
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              By Brenda Norrell
              Censored News


              The most censored issues five years ago remain the most censored issues today. The issues censored by Indian Country Today, 2004-2006, remain censored today by both the mainstream media and the national Native media.

              When Louise Benally, Navajo from Big Mountain, Ariz., compared the war in Iraq to the Longest Walk and deadly exile of Navajo people from their homelands, Indian Country Today refused to print it. Benally remembered her great-grandfather and other Navajos driven from their beloved homeland by the U.S. Army on foot for hundreds of miles while witnessing the murder, rape and starvation of their family and friends.

              "I think these poor children had gone through so much, but, yet they had the will to go on and live their lives. If it weren't for that, we wouldn't be here today. It makes me feel very sad and I apply this to the situation in Iraq. I wonder how the Native Americans in the combat zone feel about killing innocent lives."

              When Bahe Katenay, Navajo from Big Mountain, Ariz., pointed out that the Navajos birthplace of Dinetah, Place of Origin, is devastated by oil and gas wells in northwestern New Mexico, it was also deleted. Further when Bahe described the Navajo Nation Council as a "puppet" of the US federal government, it was deleted.

              "Gas reserves are drilled in places where White Shell Woman was found by Talking God and places where she did her Kinalda (puberty ceremony). Places where the Twin Warrior Gods made their divine deeds are also desecrated with drilling, piping, wells and recreation activities. The Dine' have lost these lands and their `puppet' tribal government has refused to fight for a claim to this area," Katenay said.

              In one of the most blatant and long term cases of censorship, the uranium mining in Lakota country was censored along with an interview with Buffy Sainte Marie. Indian Country Today censored the article for seven years. When a portion of it was finally published, the portion that referred to Lakota lands targeted by uranium mining companies was deleted.

              The fact that Raytheon Missiles has a manufacturing plant on the same land as the commercial Navajo farm, Navajo Agricultural Products Industries on Navajoland near Farmington, N.M., was censored. The article was censored at Indian Country Today as NAPI began offering its foods to Cuba in a trade agreement. NAPI also boasts of using genetically-modified seeds from Monsanto for its crops. Foods grown with Monsanto seeds endanger the health of people and the seeds endanger local Native crops by way of cross-pollination.

              When Lenny Foster, Navajo, visited Leonard Peltier in prison, Foster's comments about Peltier and the religious freedom denied inmates in state and federal prisons was also censored. Today, there are few investigative reports on the fact that Native prison inmates are denied access to ceremonies, and many are forced to cut their hair. There are few investigative articles on the legal case of Peltier.

              Apaches protesting the US senators involved in placing telescopes on sacred Mount Graham was censored. The most blatant censoring at Indian Country Today was an article on former Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld profiteering from the sale of Tamiflu during fear mongering about the bird flu. The article was not only censored, but was rewritten as an endorsement for Tamiflu. At the same time, then Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was among those who pushed for his state to stockpile millions of dollars of the medicine.

              Today, investigative news reports of Indian lands targeted by toxic dumps, uranium mining, coal-fired power plants and oil and gas companies are seldom the subject of journalists in Indian country. While an occasional press release may be published, or rewritten, there are few journalists that dig into the backdoor deals between energy companies, tribal governments, and the US government. There are few, if any, reporters out on the land really covering the news.

              There are few journalists who question why there is no data on the longterm devastating health effects of uranium mining, coal fired power plants and oil and gas drilling in Indian country. Few journalists report on how the coal-fired power plants on the Navajo Nation and elsewhere are a major cause of pollution and global warming resulting in the melting of the ice in the Arctic, and the displacement of Indian people and the destruction of habitat in the Arctic.

              There are no journalists out at Big Mountain or Black Mesa reporting on the hardships that the Navajo people endure in winter, hauling water and chopping wood, with grocery stores and doctors down distant impassable roads.

              There are no investigative journalists digging into the role of Ariz. Senator John McCain, Peabody Coal and others in the so-called Navajo Hopi land dispute. The real purpose for relocating Navajos on Black Mesa was to clear the land for coal mining which fuels the power plant operated by Salt River Project at Page, Ariz. It provides electricity for distant cities while many Navajos live without electricity. While coal fired power plants and coal mining drain the underground aquifers, many Navajos live without running water. Meanwhile, the US pushes to steal the water rights of Navajos and American Indians to rivers throughout the west.

              Meanwhile, the urban newspapers, far from the pollution and desperation, are cheerleaders for the coal-fired power plants and the theft of Indian water rights.

              Today Native Americans and other people of color continue to be targeted by recruiters and advertisements as expendables for the bogus wars of politicians and profiteering corporations.

              The media continues to cheerlead the war in Afghanistan, without examining the facts. Further, Native Americans are censored when they protest the role of American Indian governments promoting the US military and wars. This includes protests of the Tohono O'odham Nation's partnership in constructing drones at Advanced Ceramics Research in Tucson; allowing the US Border Patrol to control Tohono O'odham lands; and of allowing US spy towers on Tohono O'odham land.

              The media continues to create border xenophobia of people of color at the US/Mexico border, resulting in the militarization of Indigenous borderlands, the abuse of Indigenous peoples at the border and the promotion of profiteering corporations, including privately-owned prisons.

              One of the most censored issues today is the fact that some casinos on Native American land provide millions of dollars to non-Indian management companies, donations to outside charities and as state revenues, while their own people live in desperation. This includes the Tohono O'odham who live in desperate need of housing, jobs, safe water to drink, firewood in winter, and even food.

              For armchair journalists in Indian country, these are the untouchables, forbidden topics hidden beneath the superficial news coverage, plagiarism and ten minute phone call of today's journalism in Indian country.

              See censored articles 2004-2006 written by Brenda Norrell at http://bsnorrell.tripod.com/

              Brenda Norrell was a longtime staff reporter for Indian Country Today who was censored and terminated in 2006. She is publisher of Censored News.

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