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FW: One in Three Women

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  • karaka
    Cheyla McCornack Today at 10:40am
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2008
      Today at 10:40am
      Greetings Friends of One in Three Women:

      I have heard from several of you regarding the message I sent out a few days ago regarding the baby killed by its father in Pakistan. Everyone voiced their outrage and shock about this so-called honor-killing and one friend sent this link on 7 terrible abuses women suffer: http://listverse.com/crime/7-terrible-abuses-suffered-by-women-around-the-world/

      People have asked what they can do to stop these atrocities. If you choose to take this journey there are many things you can do right now. The first step for some will be to educate yourself more about violence against women (VAW). You will feel more confient when talking to friends and family about VAW. raising your awareness about VAW and theirs.

      You can visit our website and read many excellent articles such as
      Acid Burning in Cambodia written for us by our good friend Dr. William Grut of Rose Charities (see his facebook group), VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND SUCCESSFUL STRATEGIES TO ELIMINATE SUCH PRACTICES – WORKING WITH MEN Article by Dr. Michael Flood, A crime against women, a crime against wives 2008 by our friend LOUISE MCORMOND-PLUMMER and Stolen Sisters (missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada).

      You can support a woman survivor and her family in another country for $27.00 USD by going to Women for women International's site: http://www.womenforwomen.org/about-women-for-women/sponsoring-women.php The woman we sponsor is from Nigeria. She writes us wonderful letters describing the kind of training she is getting to help her expand her crops, how she is learining new things like how important education is for her children and what an impact our financial support has made and how it has changed her life. She graduates from the program in December and we will begin to support a new woman. For many women this is the first time they have ever received a letter from anyone.

      Please signup and invite friends and family to subscribe to our newsletter at: http://www.oneinthreewomen.com/maillist/lists/?p=subscribe Join our 8900 international subscribers.

      Print out our newsletters and share them with co-workers, friends and family. Get a discussion group going or blog.

      And lastly, help us build our permanent global constituency by inviting your friends to our Facebook group, One in Three Women. Helps us move this work forward. You can be the change you want to see in the world.

      In the Spirit of Friendship and Peace,

      Cheyla and Evelyn
      Co-Founders, One in Three women
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