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Fwd: [pacific] Agreement on Amended Declaration

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    ... From: Les Malezer Date: Sep 1, 2007 8:05 PM Subject: [pacific] Agreement on Amended
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      Fwd: [pacific] Agreement on Amended Declaration
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      An agreement has been reached over the Declaration on the Rights of
      Indigenous Peoples.  The 'Co-sponsors' and the Africa Group of States have
      now reached agreement over an amended version of the Declaration on the
      Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

      The Indigenous Peoples Caucus is undertaking an urgent consultation with
      Indigenous Peoples delegations to determine whether the amended Declaration
      is to be supported or rejected.  This important consultation ultimately
      means the amended Declaration is to be approved by the General Assembly or
      not adopted.

      The States that are bound in this agreement will represent a clear majority
      of the UN members and it will guarantee adoption.  It is possible that all
      States will support the amended Declaration, except a few 'hard-line'
      opponents.  We know who those opponents are.

      These urgent consultations will determine whether we can live with the
      amendments, and the Declaration is adopted, OR whether we cannot accept the
      agreed version, and the Declaration will not be adopted.  Your careful
      scrutiny, combined with priority attention to this consultation, is called

      The attached document contains the relevant information, including a copy of
      the amended Declaration.

      All comments should be sent to the relevant regional coordinators, as shown
      in the document, so that an assessment can be made of the level of support
      or opposition.

      In addition you may receive separate communications from your regional
      coordinator in the regional process to determine responses.

      On behalf of the Indigenous Peoples Caucus 'Steering Committee' I extend our
      apologies for the urgency of this consultation.  It is beyond our control.  
      The General Assembly will consider this Declaration within the next seven
      working days in New York.

      Thank you for your attention to this matter and your urgent consideration of
      the situation.



      Les Malezer
      Chairperson, Indigenous Peoples Caucus at UN

      Email: les.malezer@... <mailto:les.malezer%40faira.org.au>
      Cell:   +1 (646) 338 3029
      Website:  www.ipcaucus.net

      The Church Center
      777 UN Plaza
      IITC Office, 8th Floor
      New York, NY 10017

      Tel:    +1 (212) 682 3633  ext. 3123
      Fax:    +1 (212) 682 5354

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