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26853Please sign the petition about Fukushima

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  • Romi Elnagar
    Sep 24, 2013
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      "This is an urgent, escalating catastrophe that must be addressed ASAP.The costs of financing the containment/cleanup far exceed thecapabilities of Japan; the world community has a collective responsibility to share the financial burden.We petition the UN to set up an international group, free from conflicts of interest, to manage the ongoing disaster.This group would: 1. prepare an innovative remediation plan 2. gather the appropriate and required resources for such remediation, drawing without limitation on funding from the entire world 3. streamline the operations at the site, working with Japan 4. provide regularly published progress reports including prevailing risks to the worldwide community.Legal Basis: The UN has a fiduciary duty to act immediately and decisively when collective human rights, basic livelihood, environmental security, and right to know are being jeopardized. Fukushima poses a risk of “omnicide” on a scale beyond our historical experience."

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