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Re: [WOW Friends] Adultery: A sin we don't talk about

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  • Jon Markle
    Not to mention, adultery is a sin which requires some pretty serious punishment, if I read my Bible correctly . I think perhaps (although I haven t
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2004
      Not to mention, adultery is a sin which requires some pretty serious
      punishment, if I read my Bible correctly <GRIN>. I think perhaps (although I
      haven't checked the passages) the Bible talks even more about that than it
      allegedly talks about homosexuality.

      But, of course, the religiously bigoted won't tell you that one . . .
      neither will the President, I'm quite certain.



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      > Fri, Jan. 30, 2004
      > Adultery: A sin we don't talk about
      > KEN GARFIELD - Charlotte Observer
      > On Faith
      > With all the fuss over gay marriage, we tend to ignore another marital
      > issue everyone can agree is a sin.
      > Adultery.
      > Or as pastoral counselor Ralph Milligan says of the sad and complicated
      > act of ending up in the wrong bed, "People are doing it."
      > "People doing it," though, isn't the only problem.
      > The broader problem, Milligan and others fear, is that the rest of us
      > aren't doing enough to help people establish boundaries of behavior --
      > and then stay within those limits every single day.
      > Says Rabbi Murray Ezring of Temple Israel in Charlotte: "We have lost
      > the desire to be moral."
      > `If they feel good'
      > Go to a Super Bowl party or Sunday school class, and experts estimate
      > that one in five spouses there has cheated on their mate at some
      > point.Though the research is inexact -- these surveys don't exactly
      > inspire honesty -- researchers believe the number is going up. The
      > Internet doesn't help: 26 of the 86 people interviewed in one study
      > said they had had affairs with someone they met online. Two men said
      > they each had 13 affairs that began with a chat or an e-mail.
      > Ezring believes too many people today are lusting for entertainment,
      > and something to take their minds off economic hard times. He also
      > decries a culture in which sex and money are put on a pedestal.
      > It's the creed of the modern man (and woman): "If they feel good," says
      > Ezring, "that's what's important."
      > Milligan, who heads the Presbyterian Samaritan Counseling Center in
      > Charlotte, says adultery often has little to do with sex; he mentioned
      > one man who can't give up his mistress even though they haven't made
      > love in a year. It's often about people seeking a spiritual intimacy
      > lacking at home, he says. For others, it's the thrill of the affair
      > that provides an adrenaline rush often missing in a 9-to-5 world.
      > Milligan sees the growing incidence of adultery as one more sign that
      > we're afraid to talk about right and wrong. He offers another
      > illustration of our timidity -- when an unmarried couple visits a
      > church, signs the attendance register and lists the same address, does
      > anyone have the courage today to raise a red flag?
      > "When I was a kid, Protestant morality ruled the country," says
      > Milligan, 63.
      > Today, he adds, "We still believe in sexual morality. We just don't
      > know how to talk about it."
      > `More pervasive things'
      > I'm not saying we ought to avoid the issue of gay marriage. It's not
      > going to go away.
      > I'm just saying we ought to save some energy and prayer to talk about
      > another dimension of marriage that doesn't often find its way into
      > speeches by politicians and sermons by preachers. This is the side of
      > love and marriage that should trouble everyone who cares about society,
      > our neighbors, perhaps even a loved one keeping a dark and painful
      > secret.
      > Milligan says we've become really good at fighting over abortion and
      > homosexuality.
      > It's time now, he believes, to start dealing with "the much more
      > pervasive things."
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