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Job Opening: The Evangelical Network Seeks Conference Coordinator

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  • David Lohman
    From: The Evangelical Network [mailto:theevangelicalnetwork@theevangelicalnetwork.ccsend.com] On Behalf Of The Evangelical Network Sent: Monday, October 01,
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      From: The Evangelical Network [mailto:theevangelicalnetwork@...] On Behalf Of The Evangelical Network
      Sent: Monday, October 01, 2012 11:56 AM
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      Subject: The Evangelical Network Seeks Conference Coordinator


      The Evangelical Network

      In this issue:  

      Position Title: Conference Coordinator


      Main functions:

      Working as a contractor for The Evangelical Network (TEN), the Conference Coordinator supports council members by planning, managing, marketing, and executing the yearly conference and overseeing any volunteers and planning sub-committees.  The Conference Coordinator will meet with the Council during their monthly conference calls for updates and approvals.

      The Conference Coordinator will have responsibilities in the following areas: 


      Venue Planning

      • Work with the council in determining cities for future events
      • Manage on-going relationships with hotels and tourism bureaus 
      • Search for appropriate venues and issue requests for proposal
      • Negotiate with hotel/venue for best contract and terms to be signed by the designated Board of Director member
      • Manage venue contract, meeting space, and sleeping rooms
      • Work with venue to determine room set-up, sleeping room reservations, and other event hotel logistics
      • Oversee event master account and work with Treasurer to ensure timely payment
      • Maintain on-going venue records (final group pick-up, hotel contracts, etc)



      •  Design, update, and maintain event website
      •  Determine registration tools and maintain on-going relationship
      •  Create registration packages and price points
      •  Resolve registration issues including refunds, charge backs, credit card issues, etc
      •  Keep event attendees updated with pertinent information
      •  Develop and execute onsite registration and check-in procedures
      •  Oversee onsite registration volunteers
      •  Prepare all registration materials
      •  Maintain registration records


       Program Content & Speaker Management

      •  Determine seminars and workshops logistical needs
      •  Manage speakers and assist with registration, housing, travel, and general assistance as needed
      •  Develop conference schedule based on the workshops and program content provided by the Council
      •  Determine main and breakout room set-up and technical needs
      •  Collect speaker and program information for marketing purposes
      •  Determine Main Gathering schedules based on the information and direction provided by the Council
      •  Coordinate onsite volunteers (room monitors, ushers, Main Gathering support)
      •  Coordinate and manage all event exhibitors and Ministry Expo


      Event Marketing (in conjunction with Director of Public Relations)

      •  Create and execute event marketing strategy
      •  Work with artists to create event look & feel for use in printing, website, and online marketing all contracts to be signed by the Council
      •  Develop print and online marketing materials
      •  Develop and distribute email updates
      •  Create and implement social networking marketing strategies for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other sites
      •  Develop promotional videos and other multimedia promotions
      •  Work with organization media director to schedule press conference and other event-related media appearances


      Audio Visual & Multimedia

      •  Determine event audio visual, multimedia, recording, editing, and distribution needs 
      •  Prepare and distribute audio visual request for proposals
      •  Negotiate audio visual contracts
      •  Coordinate event audio and video recording
      •  Coordinate event audio and video editing and distribution
      •  Oversee audio visual and multimedia volunteers and vendors
      •  Work with Treasurer to ensure timely payment of all audio visual and multimedia related expenses
      •  Work with organization media director to develop and execute event multimedia distribution


      Sponsorship & Fundraising

      •  Create and execute event fundraising campaigns
      •  Create event sponsorship packages and price points and secure sponsors
      •  Manage event sponsors
      •  Work with Treasurer to ensure all sponsorship and fundraising is properly handled and donors recognized


      Event Budget

      •  Prepare event budget and present to council for approval
      •  Update budget with all income and expenses to date (on-going)
      •  Present budget updates to council on a monthly basis
      •  Reconcile all conference financials with Treasurer
      •  Ensure budget is met in all areas
      •  Ensure timely payment to all vendors and individuals


      Interested applicant's may request a full job description by emailing evangelnet@...



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