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Witness Our Welcome 2003 - August 14-17 2003 - University of Penn - Philadelphia

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    WITNESS OUR WELCOME 2003 God s Deliverance is for All! August 14 – 17, 2003 at the University of Pennsylvania in the heart of Philadelphia Witness our
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      "God's Deliverance is for All!"

      August 14 – 17, 2003
      at the University of Pennsylvania in the heart of Philadelphia

      Witness our Welcome (WOW) is an ecumenical gathering of sexually and
      gender inclusive Christians from Canada and the U.S. who support the
      full inclusion of LGBT persons in our congregations and ministries.

      We want to build on the momentum of WOW2000 that brought together
      more than 1,000 people for a festive celebration of the breadth,
      diversity and power of the Welcoming Church Movement, along with many
      other LGBT-affirming persons and groups. We expect to increase
      attendance at WOW2003 by 50%!

      Help us make this next event even more successful. Learn how you can
      become a sponsor, how you can help us publicize this event, how you
      can respond to a call for papers, how you can apply for a contract or
      volunteer position by clicking on the Link Want to help? above.

      WOW2003 will be the largest ever gathering of Christians–lesbian,
      gay, bisexual, transgender and heterosexual–from diverse faith
      traditions advocating justice and equality for LGBT persons. For too
      long the primary Christian voices heard in our society have condemned
      LGBT persons and their families and friends. WOW2003 will mobilize an
      even larger and stronger grass roots Christian movement to combat
      homophobia and heterosexism. Widespread media coverage of WOW2003 can
      help transform social discourse on issues of sexual and gender
      orientation in the U.S. and Canada. Please come join this ecumenical
      gathering of sexually and gender inclusive Christians from Canada and
      the U.S.

      For more information:
      address: PMB #111; 5250 N. Broadway Chicago, IL 60640
      phone: 1-866-550-3500 (toll free in Canada and U.S.)
      website: http://www.wow2k.org
      email: wow2003@...

      Worship * Workshops * Bible Study * Performances * Celebrations *
      Denominational Gatherings * Youth Program * Childcare

      ¨ As God's people we will create a safe space, respecting people from
      all diverse backgrounds.

      ¨ We will worship, study and play, open to the Holy Spirit of
      transformation and justice.

      ¨ Together we will add our voices to the Welcoming Church Movement,
      striving for justice and inclusion for ALL people within the
      Body of Christ.

      Presenters and Entertainers include:
      Paul Beeman, Jimmy Creech, Ann B. Day, Mitzi Eilts, Christian de la
      Huerta, Chris Glaser, Jeannine Gramick, Horace Griffin, Carter
      Heyward, Mary Hunt, Bill Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Gloria Kropf
      Nafziger, Eric H. F. Law, Jorge Lockward, Mike Mendiola, Mark Miller,
      Virginia Ramey Mollenkott, Irene Monroe, Melanie Morrison, Troy
      Perry, Tim Phillips, Curran Reichert, John Selders, Janie Spahr,
      Marsha Stevens, Erin Swenson, Mary A. Tolbert, Mel White, and Kay

      Partial List of Sponsors:

      Affirming Congregation Programme (The United Church of Canada)
      Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists
      Brethren Mennonite Council of Eastern Canada
      Metropolitan Community Churches
      More Light Presbyterians
      Open & Affirming Ministries (Disciples of Christ),
      Open and Affirming Program (United Church of Christ)
      Reconciling in Christ Program (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)
      Reconciling Ministries Network (United Methodist)
      The Shower of Stoles Project
      Supportive Congregations Network (Brethren/Mennonite)
      That All May Freely Serve (Presbyterian)

      Major funders include:

      E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation

      Planning Team Co-Chairs:

      Marco Grimaldo, Co-chair WOW2003, Coordinating Committee
      Wanda Floyd, Co-chair WOW2003, Coordinating Committee
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