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Gay News Review 2002

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    Gay News Review 2002 http://www.rainbownetwork.com Here’s our round up of some of the gay news headlines from the past year. January Civil Partnerships Bill
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      Gay News Review 2002
      Here�s our round up of some of the gay news headlines from the past year.

      Civil Partnerships Bill Introduced
      Lord Lester announces that The Civil Partnerships Bill is to be introduced later this month. The Bill will give legal recognition for same sex couples in Britain. For the first time it will enable unmarried partners, including same sex partners, living in a mutually supportive relationship to make legal provision for their joint protection.

      Partnership Register
      London Mayor Ken Livingstone announces that same sex couples will be able to register their partnerships on Valentine�s Day.

      Anti-Gay Archbishop Resigns
      Dr George Carey, the Archbishop of Canterbury, announces he�s to retire this year.

      Elton The Hero
      Sir Elton John accepts an award in London for his contribution to the fight against HIV and AIDS.

      Hawthorne Funeral
      The funeral of the gay actor Sir Nigel Hawthorne takes place in the village of Thundridge, near Ware, in Hertfordshire.

      Gately Split
      Ex-Boyzone singer Stephen Gately splits with his long-term partner Eloy de Jong. The couple had been together for more than three years.

      Estefan Gay Advances
      Venezuelan soap actor, Juan Carlos Diaz accuses music mogul, Emilio Estefan, of unwanted sexual advances.

      Lesbian Disguise
      A young lesbian is placed on probation for two years for indecent assault, after disguising herself as a teenage boy and groping schoolgirls.

      Gay Times Ban
      A police training college in Coventry is accused of censorship after refusing to display Gay Times magazine. Ryton Police Training College has agreed to keep a copy of the magazine, if it is kept in a clearly labelled box file, after a campaign by gay officers.

      Paddick Smear
      Britain�s highest-ranking openly gay police officer is reportedly being subjected to a smear campaign. Colleagues of Commander Brian Paddick, borough commander of Lambeth, claim that fellow officers are deliberately undermining him.

      Diva Dies
      Jazz diva, Peggy Lee, dies of a heart attack at her Los Angeles home. Lee, aged 81, had fought a long battle against illness.

      Transsexual Appeal
      Elizabeth Bellinger, a male to female transsexual, is granted permission to appeal against a previous court ruling that her marriage to a man was not valid.

      Egypt Arrests
      A further eight men in Egypt are arrested on suspicion of homosexual behaviour following recent police action. Independent newspaper, Al-Wafd, reported that the men were arrested in Damanhour for the "practice of debauchery".

      Queercompany Goes
      The website Queercompany and its sister publication Fable magazine fold. Steve Bustin, Queercompany�s representative, told RainbowNetwork: �We are looking at options and looking for investors, that�s all I can say at this stage.�

      Sex Laws
      The government plans to repeal gross indecency laws concerning homosexuality, the same legislation which was used to prosecute Oscar Wilde. The new Sexual Offences Act will scrap current gross indecency laws, which criminalise men who kiss in public, as well as homosexual behaviour in private homes. Many of the laws date back to the Offences Against the Person Act of 1861.

      Mugabe Outburst
      President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe makes a new outburst against homosexuality. In a statement at a presidential election rally Mugabe criticised Tony Blair for employing openly gay ministers in his Cabinet.

      MP Partner Rights
      Gay and unmarried partners of MPs and civil servants are given the same pension rights as married couples. The move will entitle unmarried partners, including those in same sex relationships, to widow�s and widower�s pensions.

      Cliff�s Anti-Gay Support
      Sir Cliff Richard�s management deny that the singer supports anti-gay Christians in a row over a billboard advertisement. The �4,000,000 campaign features posters in which Sir Cliff, a committed born-again Christian, is quoted as saying: "The message in this free book can save your life as it saved mine."

      Dog Maul Trial Begins
      Preparations begin for the murder and manslaughter trial concerning a lesbian who was mauled to death by dogs. Diane Whipple was killed outside her San Francisco home by one of a pair of Presa Canario dogs owned by two of her neighbours.

      Swedish Gay Adoption
      The Swedish government announces plans to give same sex couples the right to adopt children.

      TV Star Denies Gay Wedding
      Portia de Rossi, who stars in the popular television series �Ally McBeal�, denies reports that she took part in a marriage ceremony with her girlfriend.

      Gay Assault
      A gay sales manager who indecently assaulted a new employee is told he faces a �substantial� prison sentence after video evidence helped convict him.

      Gay Sex Flight

      Two men having sex on a transatlantic flight cause a terrorism alert when banging and noise were heard from the plane�s tiny toilet.

      Rosie�s Adoption Fight
      US talk show host Rosie O�Donnell campaigns to try and overturn an adoption ban against gay and lesbian parents in Florida.

      Paddick Posting
      Britain�s highest-ranking openly gay police officer admits posting comments on an internet message board for anarchists.

      Gay Penguins
      Zookeepers in New York discover a pair of gay penguins. Wendell and Cass, a pair of 14 year-old black-footed penguins, have been mating with one another in their enclosure at the New York Aquarium.

      Rosie Comes Out
      US talk show host Rosie O�Donnell proclaims �I�m a Dyke�. O�Donnell, whose sexuality has been the target of much speculation, made the announcement as part of her act at an Ovarian Cancer Research benefit performance.

      Mugabe Hunger Protest
      A group of protestors, including members of Britain�s lesbian and gay community, hold a hunger strike to highlight human rights abuses in Zimbabwe.

      Barrymore Case Closed
      Detectives take no further action in the case of a man who died at the home of television star Michael Barrymore last year. On 31 March 2001 Stuart Lubbock was found unconscious in Barrymore�s swimming pool wearing only his underwear. He died shortly afterwards.

      Gay Will
      Will Young, the singer who won the �Pop Idol� contest announces he�s gay.

      Paddick Keeps Job
      Commander Brian Paddick keeps his job after anarchists message board row.

      Paddick Dope Questions
      Commander Brian Paddick is being questioned over allegations that he smoked cannabis. The questions follow newspaper allegations by former boyfriend, James Renolleau.

      Goat Sex
      A gay man is jailed for six months for having sex with a goat. Hull Crown Court heard that Stephen Hall was seen masturbating and having sex with a goat by passers by, including a group of commuters on a train.

      Lesbian Prison Officers Inquiry
      A group of lesbian prison officers face an inquiry after allegations were made concerning a campaign of sexual bullying and intimidation.

      Dog Maul Verdict
      Marjorie Knoller and Robert Noel are found guilty of the wrongful death of a lesbian who was mauled to death by one of their dogs.

      A group of armed carjackers target a gay cruising area in Wanstead, East London and attack several men.

      Gay Prom
      A 17-year-old gay high school student from Toronto takes his Roman Catholic school board to court, over a ban on gay prom dates.

      Zimbabwean Investigations
      The Zimbabwean government investigates a prominent broadcaster after allegations were made that he was found in �a compromising situation� with a man at a nightclub.

      Teenage Gay Killing
      A teenager is found guilty of killing his friend in a row over an alleged gay relationship. A court in Texas found John Paul Marsh, aged 17, guilty of killing 14 year-old Nathan Mayoral.

      Life Sentence
      Two men who killed an elderly gay eccentric are sentenced to life. Richard Price and Richard Sumner fought in the dock at Lewes Crown Court after the sentence was handed down.

      Catholic Abuse Scandal
      Court documents show that the archdiocese of Boston and the Vatican knew that at least one of its priests, who has been accused of rape, had spoken in favour of sex between men and boys in 1979. The documents also showed that the Rev. Paul Shanley continued to be given access to children in different parishes, despite the fact that archdiocese officials had known of sexual misconduct complaints made against him since 1967.

      Gay Street
      A street name in Ohio is changed from Gay Road to Green Apple Road following complaints from residents.

      Paddick Inquiry
      An inquiry is ordered into allegations that Commander Brian Paddick, has been a victim of a homophobic smear campaign.

      Abuse Victims
      450 alleged victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests come forward following a highly publicised court case.

      Lily Ill
      Paul O�Grady, best known for his larger than life TV character Lily Savage, suffers a heart attack at the age of 46.

      Manchester Register
      Manchester City Council becomes the first outside of London to offer partnership registration to same sex couples.

      TV Star Dies
      Christopher Price, the gay host of the BBC entertainment show Liquid News, is found dead at his home in London.

      Family Murder
      Swansea Crown Court hears how three generations of a family were brutally murdered by a man who was spurned by a lesbian. David Morris was charged with battering to death Mandy Power, her two daughters, and her mother.

      Frederick Windsor Gay Club
      A member of the royal family becomes one of the committee members of a gay club in London. Lord Frederick Windsor, the son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, is 28th in line to the throne. A familiar face on the capital�s gay scene, Lord Frederick becomes a board member of the Sweet Suite nightclub in Soho where he will approve membership applications.

      Paddick Removed
      Brian Paddick is removed from his job in Lambeth after allegations made by his ex-boyfriend, James Renolleau, that he allowed cannabis to be smoked in his home, and contravened police guidelines regarding his relationship.

      Lottery Lesbians
      Two former lesbian lovers begin a bitter court dispute over their lottery winnings.

      Michael Boothe Reward
      A reward of �15,000 is offered for information leading to the prosecution of those responsible for murdering the gay actor Michael Boothe. Boothe was murdered in west London in 1990 by a group of men who have never been brought to justice.

      Mardi Priest
      A Catholic priest resigns after a photograph of him attending the New Orleans Mardi Gras was published. The photograph showed the Reverend Thomas Bouterie, of the St. Louis Church in Bayou Blue, Louisiana, in a Mardi Gras crowd without his shirt, standing with a drag queen and some well-muscled men in biking shorts.

      Pim Fortuyn Shot
      The Dutch government is thrown into crisis following the assassination of the openly gay right-wing politician Pim Fortuyn.

      Spanner Death
      One of the original men prosecuted for consensual SM activity under Operation Spanner dies. Tony Brown died on 2 May 2002, shortly before his 67th birthday. Brown was one of twelve men prosecuted in 1989 under Operation Spanner. His case resulted in a change in British law which criminalised consensual sado-masochism.

      Gay Prom Victory
      A gay student wins the right to take his boyfriend to his high school dance.

      Elton Attacks Government
      Elton John launches a verbal attack on Tony Blair and the Labour Government over its record on AIDS spending.

      "I did vote for them, but I�m disgusted with the way the health service is operating. For God�s sake, we live in the 21st century, the trains don�t work, the health service doesn�t work, people are dying from Aids, what are you doing? Get your act together, it�s a disgrace."

      Lesbian Sentences Increased
      Two lesbians who stabbed a 13-year-old boy at a party have their sentences increased by the Attorney General. Lorraine Large and Gemma McGarvie dragged the boy to a park and stabbed him before leaving him for dead. The boy was stabbed a total of 23 times in his chest, back and legs and his throat had been slit.

      Chastity Seduced
      Cher�s lesbian daughter, Chastity Bono, details how she was seduced by one of her mother�s gay friends in her new autobiography. Bono claims that she became gay after spending time in the care of her mother�s gay pal, Joan Stephens.

      Disney Gay Wedding
      Jeffrey Carlson and Steven Hoff become the first gay couple to hold a wedding service at Disney World in Florida.

      Homophobic Headmaster
      A headmaster from South Wales faces calls for his resignation after comments he made in front of his pupils during a morning assembly. Bill Beales of Cwmcarn High School in Caerphilly said that homosexuals, unmarried mothers and divorcees were "flouting God�s laws".

      Gay Murder Arrest
      Police in New York arrest a man suspected of murdering and dismembering his lover in Basingstoke. Richard Markham was spotted by a tourist in Central Park, after his picture was circulated in the US press. Markham is wanted for questioning in connection with the death of Tristian Lovelock, whose dismembered remains were found scattered around a housing estate in Basingstoke.

      Lesbian Kiss Cut
      The new Scooby Doo movie has a kiss between two of its female characters cut from the film, after censors deemed it �inappropriate for family viewing�.

      Birth Certificate Challenge
      Paula Wilhemina takes her case to the High Court in an effort to have her birth certificate reflect her �true identity�. Wilhemina, from County Durham, was born �male� and underwent a sex change operation to become Paula. Her lawyers are arguing that her birth certificate should either be changed to reflect her new identity, or amended to include the fact that she is now living as a woman.

      Liverpool Gay Weddings
      Liverpool partnership register opens, allowing same sex couples to begin booking commitment ceremonies.

      Dog Maul Sentencing
      Robert Noel, who was found guilty of the wrongful death of his neighbour Diane Whipple, is sentenced to four years imprisonment.

      Price Inquest
      A Coroner rules that former Liquid News presenter, Christopher Price, died of heart failure due to a rare brain disease. A verdict of �natural causes� was recorded, which put an end to weeks of speculation surrounding the star�s death.

      Gay Attack
      Croydon Police search for the attacker of a gay man who was robbed and beaten in a local park. Geoffrey Windsor from South Norwood died from the injuries sustained in the attack and was pronounced dead at the city�s Mayday Hospital.

      Gay Games
      Sydney 2002 Gay Games passes a significant milestone when it welcomes its 10,000th participant, softball player Todd Vining of London.

      Paddick Thanks Crowds
      Lambeth�s former police commander, Brian Paddick, thanks crowds at this year�s London Mardi Gras for their support over the past year.

      Missing Gay Man Appeal
      Camden Police issue a photograph of a man after his �suspicious disappearance� from a local gay bar. Andreas Hinz, also known as Andy, was last seen leaving the Black Cap in the early hours of the morning.

      Homophobic Attackers Jailed
      Three men are jailed by Cardiff Crown Court after a homophobic attack on a gay couple. Martin Turner and brothers Neil and Christopher Davies attacked Mark Wannell and his partner Paul Neagle after a night out in January. Wannell�s face was stamped on during the attack and he suffered a broken jaw, while Neagle received a broken nose.

      Madonna To Play Gay
      Madonna is no stranger to making demands, and it seems that her cameo role in the new James Bond film is no exception. The star has opted to play a lesbian fencing instructor in the new film �Die Another Day�

      Birth Certificate Victory
      A transsexual woman wins the right to change the sex on her birth certificate. Christine Goodwin alleged that the British government violated her human rights by denying her a pension at 60. Goodwin is still legally recognised as a man.

      Missing Man � Body Found
      Police confirm that a body discovered under a railway arch is that of missing gay man, Andreas Hinz. A student has been charged with the murder.

      Dog Maul Sentencing
      Marjorie Knoller, whose dogs mauled Diane Whipple to death, is sentenced to four years in prison.

      Egyptian Retrials
      The retrial of 50 Egyptian men who were arrested during an alleged �sex party� on a boat in Cairo is adjourned to give defence lawyers more time.

      Alan Duncan Comes Out
      The Conservative shadow foreign affairs minister and MP for Rutland and Melton, Alan Duncan, becomes the first serving Tory MP to openly declare his homosexuality.

      Gay Men Told To Leave Hotel
      Two gay men are evicted from a Lake District hotel after the owner took offence to their sexuality. Nigel Griffiths and Ian Humphreys chose the hotel because it was advertised as pet friendly, but were asked to leave whilst they sat in the crowded dining room.

      Monk Disciplined
      A 20-year-old trainee monk faces disciplinary action after he was caught looking at gay porn sites in an internet caf�. The monk had requested a private room in the caf� in Kirkwall, and staff later alerted the police when they became aware of the sites viewed.

      The Albert Kennedy Trust rolls out its services into Cardiff, Northern Ireland and Scotland because of a �204,363 grant from The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.

      Male Only Spa Suspension
      Tewkesbury Borough Council halts �male-only� spa sessions at the Tewkesbury Cascades complex after two men were caught having sex. The council has ended all-male sessions after discovering local gay men were using them as a meeting place.

      Mardi Gras Debt
      This year�s London Mardi Gras leaves organisers with a �400,000 deficit after attendance figures were down by over 20,000.

      Gay Grope
      RAF Corporal Rose McLaughlin faces a court martial for allegedly groping a Wren at a Christmas party held at the Prime�s Minister�s country residence, Chequers.

      Ikea Gay Dads
      Swedish furniture retailers, Ikea, feature gay dads in a new advertising campaign targeting �real life� consumers.

      Lesbian Stalker Convicted
      A stalker is convicted of three indecent assaults on a young lesbian woman. Mohammed Rashid claims he wanted to �convert� the 18-year-old woman whom he attacked after following her home. The prosecution told Cardiff Crown Court how Rashid was "fascinated by the subject of lesbianism"

      Corporal Cleared
      Corporal Rose McLaughlin is cleared of allegations that she groped a young colleague at a party at the Prime Minister�s country residence, Chequers. The court martial panel delivered their verdict after five days of evidence from both parties.

      New Zealand Gay Minister
      New Zealand sees its first openly gay cabinet minister in the form of Chris Carter, who has been elected by the Labour Party in Wellington.

      Gay Doctor Blackmailer
      Mahboob Ditta is jailed for 30 months, after being found guilty of blackmailing a gay doctor. Ditta tried to extort �30,000 from an Edinburgh GP, Dr Brian Potter, over previous gay encounters between the two men in the GP�s surgery.

      Gay TV Kiss
      ITV1 receives over 300 complaints after the screening of a gay kiss in the police drama, �The Bill�. The episode involved characters Sergeant Gilmore and PC Luke Ashton.

      Outrage At Janet
      Gay Rights group OutRage calls for a boycott of Janet Jackson over her new single, which features a Jamaican artist with a history of advocating the death penalty for gays.

      Robbie�s Gay Switchboard Donation
      Robbie Williams donates �15,000 to help finance a switchboard set up to help lesbian, gay, and bi teens. The North Staffordshire Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Switchboard was founded 25 years ago in the star�s hometown, and has recently run into financial difficulties.

      New York Times
      The New York Times publishes its first same sex commitment announcement, after a change in editorial policy. Details of the union of Daniel Gross and Steven Goldstein were published alongside a photograph of the couple in the �Weddings/Celebrations� section.

      Gay Attack
      Shane Thompson from Newport, Wales is jailed for 14 years for attacking a man he claimed made gay advances towards him. Thompson stabbed Martin Lewis a total of 23 times before smashing a glass decanter over his head and setting his home on fire. Lewis escaped death after he was dragged from the burning house by police officers.

      Actor In Coma
      American Actor Trev Broudy remains in a coma after being beaten by two men on a West Hollywood street. Broudy, who last appeared in the gay film �The Fluffer�, was attacked along with a friend in the heart of Hollywood�s gay area, San Vicente Boulevard.

      Affleck Ads
      Hollywood actor Ben Affleck appears in a new TV advert campaign aimed at promoting tolerance towards homosexuality. The ads are a part of the campaign for Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), and will feature a number of celebrities and their gay relations.

      Women Attacked
      Two women suffer a homophobic related attack on Waterloo Bridge in London. The women were walking across the bridge after a night out, when they were approached by a man.

      YMCA Head Dismissed
      The head of a branch of the YMCA in North Carolina has been dismissed after using the organisation�s official email database to send anti-gay material. Steve Mendieta sent out an email urging parents to protest against a local newspaper�s decision to run announcements of same-sex unions.

      Arson Attack
      An Edinburgh health centre, which provides care and counselling for gay men with AIDS, is badly damaged by fire.

      Mayor Stabbed
      The openly gay mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoe, is stabbed in the early hours of Sunday morning as he greeted visitors at an all-night City Hall party.

      Lover Attack
      A 12 year old boy stabs his mother`s lesbian lover after becoming "jealous and resentful" of their relationship. The attack occurred whilst travelling in a car with his mother and her lover. The boy plunged a kitchen knife into the woman�s chest following a heated argument.

      Navy Sex Blackmailer
      A man in the US is charged with extortion after allegedly blackmailing six US Navy marines over gay sex sessions. Rodney Brent Hodge allegedly hired the six men to carry out chores at his home. He then allegedly offered them alcohol and thousands of dollars to engage in gay sex acts. The men, aged between 18-22, were believed to have complied although it is believed that no money changed hands. Hodge is accused of threatening to blackmail the marines by informing their family and Navy officials if they refused further sex.

      Gay Asylum
      Two gay Jamaican men are granted the right to asylum in the UK due to the �severe homophobia� in their home country. The men�s cases were accompanied by evidence of machete attacks and murders of gay men in Jamaica.

      Gay Kiss Cleared
      The Independent Television Commission (ITC) rules that a gay kiss screened on ITV1`s The Bill was �acceptable� ITV1 had received over 300 complaints after the screening of the gay kiss in the police drama, �The Bill�. The episode involved characters Sergeant Gilmore and PC Luke Ashton.

      Adoption Bill Rejection
      The House of Lords rejects the Government�s adoption bill, which would allow same sex couples to adopt children. MPs had already agreed to extend adoption rights to cohabiting couples, but peers voted by 196 to 162 votes to keep the ban on all unmarried couples, including gay partners.

      Next Of Kin Recognition
      A paranoid schizophrenic lesbian wins the right to have her partner recognised as her �next of kin� while she undergoes treatment. The landmark court ruling came about after the woman was told the Mental Health Act of 1983 states that a same sex partner couldn�t be recognised as �next of kin�.

      NFL Out
      A former NFL player, Esera Tuaolo, comes out in an interview to be shown on HBO�s "Real Sports" in the US.

      Tuaolo was a major name in the sport for over nine years, playing for five major NFL teams. He now clams that the major reason for his early retirement in 1999 was frustration about keeping his sexual orientation a secret.

      Secret admiralty files are released that detail a secret purge against gay sailors in the Royal Navy during the 1960s. The files have now become public after the 30-year secrecy rule on them expired. A secret crackdown on gay sailors began in the 1960s, after an inquiry reported that homosexuality was rife on every ship within the fleet.

      Gay Games
      The Gay Games in Sydney open in style over the weekend as thousands of spectators attend the lavish opening ceremony.

      Gay Tenancy Rights
      The Court of Appeal rules that gay couples should receive the same rights as heterosexual couples in tenancy cases. The new ruling will mean that same sex partners will be able to take over tenancies when their partner dies.

      Adoption Bill Passed
      The Government�s Adoption Bill finally passes the House of Lords, following a revolt by a number of Tory MPs. Labour peers turned out in force to support the government, after the Lords had previously thrown out the Bill on its first reading.

      Gay Butler Allegations
      An Australian man makes allegations in a tabloid newspaper he had a gay affair with Princess Diana�s former butler, Paul Burrell. Greg Pead claims his affair took place while Burrell was resident at Buckingham Palace. Pead met Burrell at a gay bar near the palace and called their subsequent affair both �passionate and physical�. He also claims to have had sex at the palace.

      Lesbian Runaways
      A young lesbian couple in India are returned to their families by the Police, after running away and masquerading as brother and sister. Manisha and Tarana both left their families in New Delhi to start a new life together in Ambala. The pair posed as brother and sister and both got jobs in a local leather factory.

      Paddick Cleared
      Brian Paddick will not face a disciplinary tribunal over drug allegations made by a former boyfriend.

      Sex Laws Overhaul
      The Home Secretary, David Blunkett, announces "an historic change" to the UK�s outdated sex laws. This radical overhaul of sex crime legislation will see offences including buggery, gross indecency and soliciting by men scrapped, while protections against rapists and paedophiles will be tightened.

      Mason Resigns
      After ten years of service Angela Mason OBE is to leave Stonewall in the New Year, to become Director of the Women and Equality Unit at the DTI.

      Yahoo Ads Pulled
      The latest Yahoo! television ads are branded �homophobic� and industry watchdogs have ordered the campaign to be pulled immediately..

      Unhappy Perkins
      Celebrity Big Brother contestant, Sue Perkins, reveals she was unhappy at being outed by her ex girlfriend, Rhona Cameron.

      La Rue O.B.E
      Veteran entertainer Danny La Rue collects his OBE from Buckingham Palace in recognition of his fundraising work for AIDS charities.

      Condom Ban
      China lifts its ban on condom advertising as the country comes to terms with its HIV/AIDS crisis.

      Michael Sued
      A federal appeals panel clears the way for Marcelo Rodriguez to sue George Michael for �6.5 million. The LAPD officer, who arrested George Michael in 1998 for lewd conduct, has previously filed two slander lawsuits against the singer. Rodriguez�s original suit, which alleged emotional distress and slander following a George Michael pop video, was previously dismissed.

      Gay Bar Attack
      Croydon Crown Court hears how a local man attacked a woman after befriending her in a local gay bar earlier this year. Donald Andrews, 39, from Penge, met his victim in a local gay bar, The Cage. Andrews professed to being gay and left the bar with the unnamed woman. He then pulled her into an alley and indecently assaulted her.

      Nude Locker Room Victory
      A group of college wrestlers are awarded $560m in damages over the sale of nude locker room tapes. The videotapes were secretly filmed and sold on the Internet by Franco Productions.

      Soap Star Attacker Jailed
      A man who attacked Coronation Street star, John Savident, is sentenced to seven years imprisonment. Manchester Crown Court heard how Michael Smith boasted of being a "schizo" as he stabbed the actor in the neck in December 2000. Smith had met Savident in a local gay bar and later returned home with him to talk about the �theatre�.

      Killer Eats Victim
      A German man admits to killing and eating a man he met on the internet. The accused maintains that he and his victim shared a passion for mutilation and cannibalism and that the act was consenting.

      Butler Love Letters
      Love letters, allegedly written by former butler Paul Burrell, are put on sale by an Australian man claiming to be a former gay lover.

      Kissing Couple Attacked
      A gay couple are attacked in Cape Town after kissing in a restaurant. James Martin and Lars Nyctelius were celebrating their civil union in Cape Town when they were beaten up on a restaurant patio.

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