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  • Wade Richards
    News Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contact: Wade Richards 01/01/02 (256) 837-0269 westandout@yahoo.com Don’t Hate! Educate. Huntsville, AL- Education
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2002
      News Release
      Press Contact: Wade Richards
      (256) 837-0269

      Don�t Hate! Educate.

      Huntsville, AL- Education holds a metamorphosing power
      that when truth is revealed exorbitant change unfolds.
      This is why diversity education plays such a crucial
      role in the lives of our young people. On Friday,
      January 4th at 5:00 p.m. StandOut! will be hosting a
      Press Conference called Don�t Hate! Educate. Please
      contact our office for directions. Our goal is to
      bring assurance that each member of every school
      community is valued and respected, regardless of
      sexual orientation. You might ask yourself, �How does
      this affect me?� Well, have you ever made a decision
      about a person or group of people without sufficient
      knowledge of what they were about? In allowing
      yourself to make that discussion a felling of
      Prejudice raises within you. Prejudice births an
      action of Discrimination.

      Question � How do teenagers discriminate?

      Answer � Very easily, most teenagers find themselves
      belonging to a clique, and many times when you don�t
      fit their mold you can become the target of unbearable
      ridicule. That is Discrimination.

      This is just a small glimpse of the issues that our
      Gay and Lesbian youth deal with on daily bases. You
      can make a difference in lives of these young people.
      This time of the year many individuals are preparing
      their New Years resolutions, we hope that educating
      your-self about the issues that face Gay and Lesbian
      youth would be a top priority.

      At the Don�t Hate! Educate. Press Conference you will
      hear from individuals that in dealing with these
      issues it has become a desire for them to speak out
      and educate their community about Diversity.

      James Ivy � StandOut! Member and a freshman at Lee
      High School. Huntsville, AL

      Robert Makowski � StandOut! Member and a sophomore at
      the University of Alabama-Huntsville.

      Lance Ewens � StandOut! Mentor and a graduate of
      Ardmore High School. Ardmore, AL

      Wade Richards � StandOut! Founder and Executive

      This press conference is in collaboration with the
      Diversity and Discrimination Awareness Project. The
      purpose of the Diversity and Discrimination Awareness
      Project is to educate young people about respecting
      others, break the misconceptions of homosexuality, and
      promote diversity. StandOut! is in the process of
      contacting and meeting the Guidance offices of every
      public school and College in the Tennessee Valley
      area. We will be sending these institutions a
      Diversity Awareness packet, which includes information
      on hosting a Diversity Awareness Day on March 1st,

      Don�t Hate! Educate. Press Conference
      On Friday, January 4th at 5:00 p.m.
      Located at the StandOut! Office (Please Call (256)
      837-0269 for directions)


      Wade Richards, 22 years old, resides in Huntsville,
      Alabama with his partner Lance Ewens. Wade is a
      graduate of Exodus residential "ex-gay" ministry Love
      In Action (LIA) and also attended Critchon Bible
      College, both in Memphis, TN. After graduating from
      LIA, he was hired on as the Outreach Coordinator for a
      national Christian youth organization called The SALT
      (Savior's Alliance for lifting the Truth). Following
      his departure from The SALT Wade founded StandOut!, a
      national gay and lesbian youth advocacy organization.

      Wade has been featured in the national gay and lesbian
      newsmagazine The Advocate, as well as the Human Rights
      Campaign publication of Free at Last. He also has been
      featured on programs such as ABC�s 20/20, Alan Colmes
      Talk Radio in New York City, and numerous other media


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