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A Life of Unlearning -Coming Out of the Church - One Man's Struggle

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  • Anthony Venn-Brown
    Hi there Thought I should let you know about my autobiography that has just come out. I was a very successful Pentecostal evangelist for many years. I spent 22
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      Hi there

      Thought I should let you know about my autobiography that has just
      come out. I was a very successful Pentecostal evangelist for many
      years. I spent 22 years doing everything I could trying to change who
      I was including, psychiatry, exorcisms, rehab, 40 day fasts, 16 years
      of marriage etc. The torment of believing that I was unacceptable to
      God and to others because of the struggles with my sexuality nearly
      destroyed me.

      You can download and read the first chapter free on the book page
      of my website. www.anthonyvennbrown.com


      Anthony Venn-Brown
      Doing all I can to inform, inspire and dispel the myths.

      Media Release: Ex Preacher Tells All

      `A Life of Unlearning' by Anthony Venn-Brown
      Foreword by Hon. Michael Kirby
      New Holland Publishers

      Anthony holds nothing back as he reveals the torment and guilt
      experienced as a conservative Christian who couldn't conform to the
      churches edicts. Over 22 years he endured trips to the psychiatrist,
      weeks of exorcisms, 40-day fasts, months in a Christian
      rehabilitation centre and daily struggles with his `problem',
      desperately attempting to change.

      Finally, like many homosexual men of his time, he married, believing
      it would extinguish the desires he felt. This only led him further
      into a life of self-deceit and hypocrisy. Preaching in Australia's
      largest churches and many parts of the world, he survived by
      compartmentalising his sin. On centre stage, he was a successful,
      passionate evangelist who preached a message of hope and deliverance
      to thousands weekly. But behind the scenes were many dark secrets
      waiting to make an appearance. Feeling torn and fragmented, he knew
      something would eventually give. Jason was the catalyst and a public
      confession before a congregation of 800 the result.

      Abandoned by the church, which considered homosexuality an
      abomination, he lost everything he'd worked for and everyone he cared
      about. The devastation this brought to Anthony's life and those
      around him nearly destroyed them all and took him on a lonely journey
      that made him who he is today.

      This honest and revealing account is a significant contribution to
      understanding same sex attraction. You'll feel the sense of loss and
      be moved by his courage as he has to make the toughest decision of
      his life, being true to himself or living a lie.

      Anthony's intriguing story answers many of the questions asked today
      in the Christianity versus sexuality controversy.

      · Why is the church so against homosexuality?
      · What does Christian fundamentalism have to gain from
      maintaining a stand against homosexuals?
      · Can a person truly change their sexual orientation?
      · What methods do fundamentalists use to try to change gays and
      · What happens when people repress their sexuality?
      · Why is there such a culture of secrecy regarding moral
      failures in the church?
      · Does the bible really condemn homosexuals?
      · Is the love two people of the same sex experience, the same
      as heterosexual love?

      This is not just a coming out story. Whether you are gay or straight,
      a Christian or a non believer, you'll find relevance in Anthony's
      journey. It's a story about living your truth – embracing who you are
      and living the life you were meant to live.

      In bookshops May 2004
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