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  • VPF Secretary
    Hello everybody! Its that time of year again. In January VPF participating members will elect Directors to oversee the VPF during 2004. Directors are
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 14, 2003
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      Hello everybody!
      Its that time of year again.  In January VPF participating members will elect Directors to oversee the VPF during 2004.  Directors are nominated by the VPF Nominating Committee each fall.  While there are 5 members in this committee, and they are from all over the world (Canada, England, France, USA), we are lacking representation from other countries (particularly Australia and the Netherlands).
      If you are a VPF participating member, from Australia or the Netherlands, and would like to serve on this committee, please contact Cindy.Paris@... THIS WEEK.  The committee needs to meet within the next two weeks and all newly proposed committee members must first be approved by the Executive Committee when next they meet, on Monday, 20 October 2003.
      If you are not a VPF participating member, but would like to be, contact me at the above address with your request.  Participating membership is free and there are no obligations other than to support VPF goals and to vote on important issues placed before the membership.  If you'd like to volunteer in one of the VPF committees, this level of membership is required.
      Thank you for your interest in this important life-saving cause!
      Kind regards,
      Cindy Paris, VPF Secretary
      Vasa Previa Foundation
      To join the Vasa_Previa email discussion group, send an email to: 
      Help us research vasa previa by filling in the VPF research questionnaire:  http://www.vasaprevia.org/education/questions.htm
      Save babies from an untimely death due to vasa previa by JOINING the Vasa Previa Foundation as a participating member! Membership is free.  Send an email with your request to:  info@...

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