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Vasa Praevia Ultrasound Check Could Save Lives

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  • Cindy Paris
    EXCELLENT VIDEO! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2RNxAs642M Published on Nov 23, 2012 A couple are hoping NHS bosses are ready to demand all hospitals test for
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      Published on Nov 23, 2012
      A couple are hoping NHS bosses are ready to demand all hospitals test for signs of a potentially deadly birth complication. A couple who lost their baby to a preventable complication of childbirth are calling for all pregnant women to have a simple screening test. Henry Samat died 13 days after a blood vessel in the placenta ruptured during his delivery. Despite having a series of transfusions, doctors couldn't save him. His parents, Natalie and Daren, now want the NHS National Screening Committee to order all hospitals to include a two minute check of the placenta and umbilical cord during the routine ultrasound scan that is done at 20 weeks of pregnancy. Natalie told Sky News: "At the time we were told it was a maternal bleed and nothing could have been done to prevent it. I remember Daren telling me when he'd done some research that it could have been prevented and it could have been screened for. "The devastation of that - on top of losing your child - I just can't describe it." 


      IVPF NOTE: Clinics and centers are adding this check to their protocols and babies are saved, far more than ever before. BUT, not all ultrasound clinics and centers do this. The International Vasa Previa Foundation believes that infant death from vasa previa is an avoidable tragedy. 

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