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To All IVPF Members, From Yinka Oyelese, MD

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  • cbparis
    Dear members of the IVPF: I am writing you about our ongoing project, which hopefully will yield what promises to be the most important paper ever written
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2002

      Dear members of the IVPF:

      I am writing you about our ongoing project, which hopefully will yield what
      promises to be the most important paper ever written about vasa previa. Our 
      intention is to have this published in the most prestigious ObGyn journal.

      You have been affected by vasa previa. I am sure you understand, better than
      any one else, the devastating impact of the loss of a much awaited and
      beloved otherwise healthy child to vasa previa. Our goal is to prevent more
      babies being lost to this terrible but preventable complication of pregnancy.
      This can only be achieved by educating doctors of the different ways the
      condition presents, of associated risk factors, diagnostic modalities,
      treatment and outcomes.  In 2001,  Dr  Wesley Lee published a report of the
      largest number of cases (18) of vasa previa to be reported to date.  With
      your help, our study will include the information from close to 100 women. 
      We will certainly be able to call the world's attention to this devastating
      yet preventable tragedy.

      However, to achieve this goal, we need your help urgently.  We need access to
      your medical records, including your clinical history, sonogram  reports,
      photographs,  and pathology and postmortem reports as applicable. We cannot
      use your information unless we have your records, and your permission to use
      them.  Our report must withstand the most rigorous scientific scrutiny. We
      need medical proof of your vasa previa by way of a letter from your doctor,
      hospital discharge papers, pathology reports of the placenta and/ or
      ultrasound pictures.

      If you have not already done so, please respond via email to the questionnaire that follows and send your records directly to Victoria Goldstein at:

      1498 SW 1st Street
      Boca Raton, FL 33486

      Should you have any questions, I would be most happy to answer them
      We are counting on you to help us reduce the incidence of these preventable

      Thank you again for all of your help.

      With very best wishes

      Yinka Oyelese, MD
      Georgetown University Hospital
      Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology
      Washington DC





      1-      What was your age at time of your VP/VI pregnancy?


      2-      Was this your first pregnancy?  If not, how many other pregnancies have you had before your vp pregnancy? Were these vaginal or cesarean deliveries?


      3-      Were you diagnosed with a low lying placenta or another placental abnormality at any time during your pregnancy?  If so, did it correct itself?


      4-      Did you bleed at any time during your pregnancy? When?


      5-      Did you undergo IVF?


      6-      Were you hospitalized during your pregnancy?


      7-      Did you have pelvic pain during the pregnancy?

      8-      How was your vp diagnosed?
      a.   Sonography 
              b.   Was a test for fetal blood performed? 
                    If so, which test: (Ogita/Kleihauer, APT)

            9-     Did your baby survive?
                          a.   What were the Apgars?
      b.   Was there a neonatal transfusion?


      10-   Was your delivery vaginal or cesarean?


      11-   Was amniocentesis performed for lung  maturity prior to delivery?


      12-    Were steroids given?


            13-    What was the gestational age at delivery?


            14-     Reason for delivery:




      Preterm labor

      Abnormal fetal heart tracing


            15-     Are you a smoker?


            16-     Pathology: 

              a.  Velamentous insertion

              b.  Bilobed placenta

              c.  Multilobed placenta

              d.  Ruptured vessels


            17-   Do you have pictures of the placenta?
                    Sonographic reports?
                    Can you send them on-line or mail a copy of them along with your records to Victoria Goldstein?








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